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Aerobic dance has its foundation in dance-inspired movements. It is a cardiovascular workout set to music in a group exercise setting. You do not have to memorize dance moves, as the classes are taught by instructors who verbally tell and visually show the choreography. The classes are considered aerobic when you use full-body, rhythmic, large-muscle movements.
Make an Impact
The amount of impact determines the intensity of an aerobic dance class. If one foot remains in contact with the ground for exercises such as knee lifts, heel touches, and floor slides, the aerobic dance is a low-impact exercise. The aerobic dance is a high-impact workout when both feet come off the floor, even for a short time. You jump, hop or jog during class for a high-impact workout. A way to increase the intensity of the aerobic dance without the injury-risk of high-impact activities is to incorporate larger upper-body movements such as arm swings, arm circles and overhead reaches.