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Steps to perform Ardhachakrasana

  • Stand straight with feet together and arms alongside the body.
  • Balance your weight equally on both feet.
  • Breathing in, extend your arms overhead, palms facing each other.
  • Breathing out, gently bend backwards pushing the pelvis forward, keeping the arms in line with the ears, elbows and knees straight, head up, and lifting your chest towards the ceiling.
  • Hold. Breathing in, come back up.
  • Breathing out, bring the arms down and relax.



  • Ardha Chakrasana stimulates the abdominal organs and aids in digestion.
  • The pose reduces flab in the waist and thighs.
  • It helps to alleviate upper back pain.
  • It tones the lower back muscles and improves flexibility of back.
  • It improves heart function and regulates blood pressure.
  • Ardha Chakrasana stimulates ovaries and fallopian tubes and hence addresses menstrual disorders.
  • It aids in curing uterus problems.
  • The pose is good for spondylitis.



  • Those with serious hip or spinal problems should avoid this asana as well as those with high blood pressure and brain ailments.
  • Peptic or duodenal ulcers and hernia patients should avoid this pose.
  • Pregnant woman should avoid this pose.