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Steps to perform Chakrasana

  • Begin by lying down on your back with feet apart.
  • Bend the knees and place your feet flat on the ground closer to your buttocks.
  • Bring your palms under your shoulders such that the fingers point towards the shoulders and the elbows are shoulder width apart.
  • Inhale deeply and press your palms firmly into the floor.
  • Lift your shoulders and head off the floor by straightening your arms.
  • The feet should be pressed firmly into the floor. Inhale and lift your hips up. The spine should be rolled up so that it may seem to resemble a semi circular arch or wheel.
  • Straighten out your arms and legs as much as possible so that the hips and chest maybe pushed up.
  • Breathe deeply and slowly in the final position.
  • To go back to original, bend your elbows to lower your head and shoulders to the floor. Then bend your knees and bring your spine and hips back to the ground.



  • Improves elasticity of spine and invigorates spinal nerves.
  • Improves strength of muscles of chest, waist, abdomen and prevents gartering of fat thereon.
  • The lungs are used to their full capacity, which corrects minor breathing troubles and prevents pulmonary T. B.
  • It tones the organs in the abdomen including the digestive, excretory and reproductive organs.



  • People who suffer from serious spinal column ailments, such as cervical and lumbar spondylitis should avoid doing this pose.
  • If there is not much spine flexibility at the beginning, one should not force or push the body into doing the pose.