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Steps to perform Gomukhasana

  • Sit in Dandasana (Staff Pose).
  • Bending your left leg, bring its heel under the right thigh, close to right hip.
  • Bend your right leg over the left knee and let your right heel come close to left hip. Your right knee should be positioned directly above the left knee.
  • Place your palms on the feet.
  • Press the sitting bones in the floor and point the crown of the head to the ceiling.
  • Bend the left elbow. Bring your left forearm behind your back.
  • Position the back of the left hand in the middle of your back, close to shoulder blades. The left forearm and the fingers of the left hand should point upward.
  • Inhale while extending the right arm over you head.
  • Bending the right elbow, keep your right elbow between the shoulder blades. The right palm should face your back and the fingers of the right hand should be pointed downward.
  • Clasp the fingers of the left hand with the right hand.
  • Pull your shoulders away from each other to experience the stretch in the shoulders and opening up of chest.
  • Breathe deeply and slowly in the final position.
  • Repeat all steps from the other side.



  • The Cow Face Posture (Gomukhasana) helps in mainly developing the muscles in the legs, arms (biceps, triceps), and trunk.
  • It decreases cramps and sprains. It increases strength of bones and flexibility of joints in both the legs and arms.
  • This yoga posture aids in treating digestive disorders.
  • The total expansion of the chest helps the lungs and heart, whereas the complete extension of the spine helps the back.



  • Avoid practicing this asana if you have serious neck and shoulder problem.