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This pose gets its name from the recumbent posture of a dead body. It is a position of rest and relaxation, and is usually practiced towards the end of a yoga session – a session that typically begins with activity and ends in rest; a space or pause when deep healing can take place.

Steps to perform Savasana

  • Come to lie down on the back.
  • Let the feet fall out to either side.
  • Bring the arms alongside the body, but slightly separated from the body, and turn the palms to face upwards.
  • Relax the whole body, including the face. Let the body feel heavy.
  • Let the breath occur naturally.
  • To come out, first begin to the deepen the breath. Then move the fingers and toes, awakening the body.
  • Bring the knees into the chest and roll over to one side, keep the eyes closed.
  • Slowly bring yourself back up into a sitting.



  • This posture brings a deep, meditative state of rest, which may help in the repair of tissues and cells, and in releasing stress. It also gives time for the yoga workout to sink in at a deeper level.
  • This posture leaves you in a state of rejuvenation. It is the perfect way to end a yoga session, particularly if it has been a fast-paced one.
  • It helps reduce blood pressure, anxiety, and insomnia.
  • This is an excellent way to ground the body and reduce the Vata dosha(imbalance of the air element) in the body.



  • None (unless your doctor has advised you, for some medical reason, to avoid lying on your back).