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Steps to perform Ustrasana

  • First of all sit on the knees with heels pressed down in normal Vajrasana posture against the buttocks and calves of legs flat on the ground.
  • Now reach backward and grab the right ankle by right hand and left ankle by left hand.
  • After this inhale steadily and lift up the buttocks above the legs arching the back and putting pressure on abdomen muscles and bend the head in backward direction as much as possible.
  • Breathe deeply and slowly in the final position.
  • At last exhale to get back to initial kneeling Vajrasana posture.



  • Helps to increase chest size and lungs capacity.
  • Brings flexibility in chest, abdomen and neck.
  • Stimulates abdomen organs.
  • Improve the function of the respiratory system. Beneficial for Asthma patient.
  • Activate whole respiratory organs and nerves.
  • Cures problems related to Neck, Shoulders and back.
  • Strengthens the back muscles.
  • Stimulate thyroid gland.
  • Releases back pain.
  • Increases blood circulation to brain.
  • Helps to improve Posture.
  • Reduce the fats on the stomach.
  • Improve digestion.



  • Those having problems related to neck, knee and back injury should not perform this asana.
  • Lower back pain patients should avoid this asana.
  • Person suffering from high or low blood pressure and migraine should avoid this asana.
  • Insomnia (Sleeping disorder) patient should avoid.
  • Women in their pregnancy period should not practice this asana.
  • Practice under expert guidance. Because this pose may cause back pain or neck injuries.