Body Polish

Body polish is a popular body treatment that exfoliates and hydrates the skin, leaving it smooth & soft.It is a treatment of the entire body which is like a facial and unlike a massage. It is best to get the treatment done at a spa. Sometimes body polish is combined with a massage. In this case, the polish is done first because it is stimulating. It is then followed by a massage to calm down the body.

Body polish can be done with any type of scrub product like as sugar, salt, rice bran, or coffee grounds, which are usually mixed with massage oil or essential oils. This treatment can be done on its own, but most of the times it is done after a mud or seaweed wrap. It can be done in a spa or even at home. After the polishing session the abrasive material is rinsed off from the body and is completed with an application of lotion, cream or oil.