Makeup Tips To Remember

  • Make sure that you cleanse and moisturize your skin and lips well. Have a daily cleansing routine. Keep a reminder on your phone or use the good old post-it notes if you have to.


  • Know which makeup brand suits you. Even if it’s a high-end brand, there’s no guarantee that it’s for you and your skin type. Try and test out the makeup products well in advance to avoid unwanted breakouts and rashes.


  • Always choose a makeup look that goes well with your skin tone and attire. Don’t choose a look just because it is in trend. Choose a look that suits you and make it a trend. Also, base your look depending on whether it’s day wedding or a night one. It really makes a huge difference. Look up bridal makeup images for inspiration if you have to.


  • Moderation is the new glam. Don’t go overboard with the makeup for the pictures. It’s necessary to have a heavier look than usual. But you don’t want to end up with blotched, overdone makeup just to appear picture perfect in the wedding pictures.


  • Practice the look you want a couple of days in advance, including the bridal makeup, step by step, like a dress rehearsal. And on the day, tell your makeup artist all your needs beforehand so there’s no scope for any miscommunications and an unsatisfied look.


  • Don’t forget to keep your stress hormones at bay. And as I say this, I know it’s easier said than done. The more you stress over things you have no say over, the more you increase the chance of breakouts. Also, avoid fried and oily foods for the same reason.


  • Invest in a good concealer to cover up any spots. If you have any last minute pimple situation and want a quick overnight fix, use green tea. Just boil a little bit of green tea and dab a little of it on the pimple using a cotton ball. The anti-inflammatory quality of green tea really helps here.


  • Ensure that the makeup brushes you use are clean. You don’t want to end up with an infection. If need be, get new ones for the day. If you are using old ones, buy a makeup brush cleanser and clean your brushes. Have a clean towel handy to dry out the excess water.


  • Have a good makeup and hair setting spray to keep your makeup and hairstyle intact for the day. You can use a translucent powder for the makeup if you don’t have makeup setting spray. And for the hair, use a good quality hairspray so it doesn’t appear oily and don’t go for the sprays that harden your hair to keep the look intact. Go for a natural look one.


Bonus Tip: Hairstyles make for a huge part of your attire. When picking out your bridal hairstyle, Indian wedding can pose quite the challenges. South Indian wedding hairstyles might look great in theory, but might fail to match if you’re going for a north Indian look. Pick carefully, and try out the hairstyle, step by step, to ensure it suits your face shape, attire, hair structure, etc.