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Body Shape Type Diet

Our body stores fat differently from other bodies taking a different shape. Our body shape could be Apple, Pear, Inverted Pyramid or Hourglass. There is no one diet that is suitable for all body shapes for weight loss. When we start eating according to our body shape type, we’ll be amazed at how quickly our body will adapt to our type’s eating plan. Energy will improve and weight will reduce naturally.


Apple shaped body tends to carry all or most of its weight through the belly area. The legs and arms of the Apple shaped body are generally fairly slender without much extra weight. Although, this body type is more prone to the health risk owing to the excess visceral fat at the midsection, but also it is easier to get rid of. People with this body type lack energy and experiences cravings, particularly around midmorning or after lunch. The key to losing weight for the Apple is getting his or her blood sugar levels under control. People tend to have cravings for starchy or sugary foods, diet sodas and caffeine.

What to eat: Good quality proteins (chicken, lean beef, pork, fish) along with healthy fats such as avocado, eggs, nuts, nut butter, coconut/olive oil and full-fat cheeses. This also include plenty of green leafy vegetables.

Limit: Starchy foods to one meal a day and low glycemic index fruits.

Avoid: Coffee or caffeinated beverages as they can increase cortisol and insulin levels. Sugary refined foods like sports drinks, store bought energy bars or sweetened yogurts.


Pear Body shape has a significantly smaller upper body and has less weight through the arms and chest. Pear type body shape easily gets weight through the hips and thighs and many times from the small lower abdominal fat. These body shapes easily gets frustrated when it comes to weight loss, because the subcutaneous fat at the thighs and hips are difficult to lose. In fact, the other part of the body start losing weight before the targeted area. It’s highly likely that this body type is dealing with oestrogen dominance. By eating foods that help flush out oestrogen while eliminating the foods that increase oestrogen levels leading to an excessive amount, this body type will lose weight. People with this body type will experience unusual hunger either in between meals or after dinner. Even though oestrogen, as a group of hormones, isn’t necessarily bad, an imbalance of too much oestrogen in compared to other hormones particularly progesterone, can promote lower body weight gain. This body type has cravings for high-fat dairy products and rich desserts.

What to eat: High-fiber vegetables and fruits with good amount of oats, quinoa, buckwheat and brown rice. Also, small amounts of lean protein and clean, non-dairy fats.

Avoid: High-fat dairy products such as cheese, cream, non-organic products and meats  which contain pesticides or hormones, unfermented soy (tofu), caffeine, alcohol etc.


A straight or boyish body type is characterized by a thin, lean and straight body frame. Major issue with the straight body type woman is that there are no curves in the body. Another problem of “skinny fat” may also be present. The body has no obesity problem but high body fat may be found in proportion to the whole weight of the body. There might be no abnormal weight raise though. This problem can be as risky as smoking or obesity. The strength building exercises are more advantageous in this condition. The straight figure gets more defined this way. A few cardio sessions every week can do the job. Apart from lowering skinny fat, you will also improve your stamina, endurance and overall health by exercising a few times a day. Foods which are high in proteins such as chicken, turkey, beef tuna and beans are perfect for those with a rectangle shaped body. The addition of complex carbohydrates such as bananas and brown rice is also important. Rectangle body type are said to lack energy and become fatigued easily. The addition of complex carbohydrates should help eliminate this issue and provide additional energy for exercising.

What to eat: High protein foods(chicken, turkey, beef, tuna, pulses, milk and its products, beans), Complex carbohydrates (oats, brown rice, buckwheat) with low-fat dairy products and lots of fresh vegetable juices, green leafy vegetables and high-fiber fruits.

Avoid: Heavy meats, heavy cheese, salty snacks, caffeinated beverages.


This body type typically gains weight evenly throughout his or her body, often most noticeable in the face, but also through the arms, chest, knees and ankles. This body type has a soft, round look. People with body type commonly have cravings for dairy products, sugary and carbohydrate foods. These body types may have a problem of water retention and congestion. Master regulator of all hormones, the pituitary gland, can have an effect on cortisol, insulin and thyroid among others.

What to eat: Raw vegetables and fruits with whole grain cereals (oatmeal, quinoa, buckwheat). Include a daily serving of lean protein and plenty of spices.

Limit: High-fat meats, refined and processed carbohydrates.

Avoid: Caffeinated beverages, dairy products, refined carbohydrates, sweets.