Our Testimonials

  • Hi, I am Mukesh Kumari. I have joined Nutripulse Yoga two months ago. I was very disappointed due to the excess weight and out of shape body. But today after 2 months, I have lost 6.5 Kgs of weight and my waist size also reduce noticeably.

    I give whole credit to Nutripulse and their staff and the special thanks to Yoga trainer. She made Yoga somehow more challenging but possible for us. She makes us feel confident about pushing ourself to the limit.

    She also shares the benefit of each posture and the easy to do them properly. Each Yoga session here is different and the variety of postures keeps class fresh. I leave class daily with new freshness.

    Nutripulse is the right place which give the weight loss program, that mainly focus on weight reduction through  a combination of balanced diet, yogic practices, slimming therapies and massage which helps in improving the shape of body and curb the extra fat.

    The combination of therapies and yoga is effective here and helps everyone achieve the desired target.

    I highly recommend Nutripulse to everyone.


    Mukesh Kumari, Weight loss Yoga

  • I am Meenal Nawani, wants to share my warm feelings with you about Nutripulse.

    Years passed by and I was trying my hard to lose weight, I did everything I could, including yoga, diet and walking but the weight did not go. My weight was 73 Kg few months ago.

    Luckily, I met Dr. Anjali Phatak and asked her for her guidance to lose weight, She said come to Nutripulse an you will see the change. I was hit with a new wave of enthusiasm and went to Nutripulse where I met her and she told me about all slimming therapies and yoga classes. I joined from the next day with the positive attitude, and it changed my life. Anjali Madam guided me and gave me a perfect diet. The yoga trainers here helped me to learn Yoga rightly, while therapy and massages also helped me a lot.

     I lost 8 Kgs in 2.5 months, which is the greatest achievement for me here. Most noticeable thing is that I took one month break and I did not regain it. I feel so energetic and everyday seems like a new day for me. Dr. Anjali Phatak is so sweet and caring and solve every problem one can have related to the health and diet. Our Yoga trainer is the most observant trainer I have ever met and motivates us to keep healthy and fit. I am continuing the sessions at Nutripulse and have lost 11 Kgs till date. I am very happy that I joined Nutripulse, which gave me a lot of confidence and positive results.

    I recommend Nutripulse to everyone who wants to stay fit or lose weight.


    Meenal Nawani, Yoga

  • I Divya Patewani, age 32 strongly recommend Nutripulse to every lady for Pre-Natal Yoga. I was told about Nutripulse by one of my friends, who had normal delivery due to Yoga. Here the Pregnancy Yoga program is beautifully designed that befits to our needs personally. I have also enjoyed the informatory sessions over Child and Pregnancy taken by renown doctor Dr. Rajshree and Dr. Priya Gupta.

    Every experience at Nutripulse is so sweet, where I specially thank you for baby shower, which Nutripulse conducts. The lovely program was beautifully organised.

    A big thanks to Nutripulse for love, care and support.


    Divya Patewani, Pre-natal Yoga

  • It’s been a very good experience for me to be at Nutripulse. I have found no fitness center as superb and convivial as Nutripulse to learn Yoga while pregnancy. I am pretty sure that every lady coming here for Pregnancy Yoga must be having the amazing experience like me.

    The diet counseling section is also fantastic and serves the exact need of ours. Thanks to Dr. Anjali Phatak for making so lovely relation with us and helping me through the  most important part of my life. She showed me the right way to deal with the important phase of my life.

    I am thanking to my Pregnancy Yoga trainer for helping me in understanding myself in such and easy  manner. She is equally a yoga instructor and friend at the same place. I have enjoyed every bit of her class and the way she understands our problems. I have seen the big change in my body. I am very thankful to her for guiding me personally, and emotionally.  Overall, A big thanks to Nutripulse for helping me out.


    Alka, Pregnancy Yoga

  • “One of the best centers at Jaipur”

    Nutripulse is the best fitness center I have come across. The instructors here not only teaches us but also guide to maintain ourselves. Their job is not limited to training us but also make one comfortable and easy to adjust. I am doing yoga from last 20 days and I have lost more than 1 kg. I give full credit to Nutrition and Yoga plan  and friendly, motiating environment of Nutripulse center. The counselor and dietician here are so much co-operative that no body feels any problem here. Thanks for the convivial environment.

    Besides Yoga, the aerobics department is also best for cardio with the superb aerobic trainer. Above all, the best part is that Nutripulse does not use any kind of machine to attract people. The set of different plyo-metric and isometric exercise is the best part here. Everyday, we get to learn a new set of exercise, which not only helps to reduce weight but the tension as well.

    Thank you Nutripulse to make me feel the change in me.


    Rishika, Jaipur

  • “Inspiring with all those turns and fun moves”

    Aerobics classes are such fun, well structured with great warm up routine and work-out. Aerobics trainer at Nutripulse is so well that It just only 10 days, I have attended the sessions, and I am feeling more energetic. The motivation ability is best at Nutripulse, which helps me in putting more efforts giving me positive vibes.

    The classes at Nutripulse has changed my lifestyle, which is the reason I enjoy every class of yours. I love the atmosphere at Nutripulse and every session here is enjoyable and different

    Thank a lot to Nutripulse  for moral support, dedication and super energetic Zumba Classes.


    Nidhi Agarwal, Aerobics student

  • Hi, I am Divya Chauhan. I joined Nutripulse few months ago in pre-natal Yoga batch. It was really a nice experience both physically and mentally. Before joining Nutripulse, I had severe back pain from the day I conceive. However, after joining pre natal Yoga, I got relief. By the suggestion of our Pregnancy yoga instructor, I changed my meal timing and I got relief from the acidity problem.

    I am very much satisfied with the results and my instructor. As she is very co-operative. She gave us not only physical comfort but also the mental comfort. She especially helped me to get cure from severe back pain, gastric problem and swelling problem.

    In addition, I love the interaction, we used to have between the sessions, which helped us to make a certain bond with whole batch mates and create a soothing environment.

    Even, the batch and its chatting worked for me as a therapy. The close relationship with Dr. Anjali Phatak helped me to be aware about the problems and many important factors. The sessions at Nutripulse left me with the mental peace and helped with the preparation for the next stage of life. All the credit goes to the director of Nutripulse and my Yoga instructor, which maintained the perfect balance between physical and mental.

    One thing more, that I liked the most about Nutripulse is the small events that keep occurring on the auspicious days such as Teej along with the informatory sessions. It gave us lot of information and awareness.

    I am completely satisfied with the facility and features Nutripulse paid to us. Thanks to Nutripulse.


    Divya Chauhan, Pregnancy Yoga

  • Hey!! I have been coming to Nutripulse from last six months. During these six months, I have lost a lot of weight and .I has gained strength remarkably. I lost12 Kgs of weight and it feel so great when you can wear your old clothes, which did not fit earlier, and now you can wear each one of them. I feel so happy when people compliment me and tell me that I have lost a lot of weight. It is like the best feeling and I am thankful to change it brought in me.

    Not only did I lose weight, but also I gained a lot of strength. Earlier, I used to get tired very quickly, but now this is not the case. I felt overjoyed when now I fit into the smaller size clothes. All you have to do is to come regularly and attend class at Nutripulse. In addition, be positive always. I thank my Yoga trainer and Anjali mam for guiding me and help me lose weight. The counselor at Nutripulse is too supportive and motivating for me whenever I was low or negative about the result.



    Rishika Garg

  • I was never regular with my exercise, when I used to do it at home. Soon after joining Nutripulse. I improved. And all the thanks goes to our Aerobic trainer at Nutripulse, who was there to pushing me out of my comfort zone every single day, by constantly reminding me that how just one hour of aerobics will help me better my health and body shape overall. I am glad that you made me understand all the facts related to aerobics and how I found it interesting.

    At the same time, it was very amusing to see, how you handle everyone irrespective of age. In addition, the way you took care of us is just like family. Anyone can help reduce body weight, but to maintain a good shape, no one can do better than you can. Now, Nutripulse is an inspiration for me to be regular with the aerobic exercise regimen. 


    Rajni tejwani

  • Big thanks to Nutripulse staff and Dr. Anjali Phatak for hosting such a wonderful baby shower and celebrating this special day in our life to welcome our little one.

    It felt so special, blessed, loved and supported to be here. In addition, I truly appreciate the couple yoga session organised and for guiding our spouses for how to support us in this beautiful journey of nine months. Once again thanks a lot!


    Yukti Dubey, Pregnancy Yoga

  • A great love for Nutripulse

    If you have dedication, vigor and passion for the one, then there is nothing that you cannot achieve. Firstly, it was my dedication and second it is due to Nutripulse, that I have been able to maintain the proper shape.

    I always wanted to hear praise for me from every person I meet. I used to hear only two words: tall and good personality. However, where was the beauty, It was hidden inside me and but could not come out due to my busy work schedule. Who helped me in taking that beauty out of me is Nutripulse.

    In Nutripulse, I shred eight Kgs of weight and got praise from my colleagues and relatives. It is a different feeling altogether, that I cannot tell. People asked me that how I reduced weight, I tell them that I is because of aerobics at Nutripulse. I keep recommending people for Nutripulse.

    Aerobics make you lose weight while doing fun, masti, and you even does not recognize when you lost inches did and weight. A big thanks to our counselor and trainer who made me achieve the target. I curbed the extra pounds without doing dieting.

    Dr. Anjali Phatak is true in her nature and always keeps smiling. She is too sweet and forthcoming and always maintains a healthy relation with the clients. One of the most important things here is the environment that we get here is fantastic. Here we get the homely environment and behavior, which make me feel that I know them for a long.

    Thank you Nutripulse again for your inspiration!


    Dr. Snigdha Purohit, Jaipur

  • Great Nutritionist and excellent staff

    Hi friends, I am Trapti. I want to share my experience which if felt in Nutripulse. Firstly, I would like to extnd you are most sincere appreciation and admiration for your commitment to a healthy life. You have demonstrated your dedication through hard work and consistency.

    I came Nutripulse for weight loss. Dr. Anjali Phatak, the owner and Director of Nutripulse and our super Nutrition expert listened to my concerns and understood my problems. She made me feel ease and I personally felt that she is interested in listening my problems and could help me a lot. She gave me a planning package to help build balance meals, exercises and therapies for healthy lifestyle. She and her staff are highly motivating and trained. She gave me numerous food choices in diet chart. I thank all instructors for being the great at their work. They are completely dedicated, motivating, polite, loving and caring. I really thank all trainers, for planning the appropriate workout plan for me.

    My trainer has such an enthusiasm and intense energy that revved me up even when I did not feel like being there. Every day, there are variety of exercises and Yoga practice. We exercised with different Props such as gymballs, dumbbells, hula-hoop and many. There is always special class for special occasion and festival.

    The therapy part is also awesome along with the beautician session. I also thank to the counselor, who always solve our problems very easily and try to understand the issues that we face in lifestyle management. She is very sweet and loving.

    The ambience is very fine and facilities here are immaculate. Overall, the staff is incredible and I wish you all the best. Thanks, Dr. Anjali Phatak for the warmth and attention, you paid to our issues.


    Trapti, Jaipur

  • It has almost been a month, since I joined aerobics, and I have started losing some kgs and inches. That one hour of vigorous exercise is full of energy and makes me feel active for through the day. The trainer is personally a brilliant person with the deep knowledge, which one can utilize to maintain health. He is like a friend to us who keeps pushing us for good workout. Although sometimes, the exercise plan is too intense, but we feel pleasure afterwards to see the results.

    The team at Nutripulse is too cooperative and we feel personally attached to Nutripulse for their support.


    Anshu Sharma, Aerobics

  • It is very glad for me to join Nutripulse for pregnancy yoga. The institute is also very good for aerobic and other yoga as well. My Yoga teacher, who encourage me everything and helped me in exercise. She is polite and I would like to thanks Mrs. Anjali phatak for counseling me for my own good. The massage available at Nutripulse for pregnancy is also too good and relaxing. Everything in Nutripulse is very fine, and the staff is too cooperative.

    The medical consultation session, that Nutripulse conduct timely is also very beneficial. Everything here is fine, and I wish to join Nutripulse again after delivery to maintain my ideal weight.


    Mehak Jain, Pregnancy Yoga student

  • It was a wonderful experience to join Nutripulse for weight loss therapy. I lost weight with pleasure and no pain I felt at all.
    Thanks a lot to the Yoga instructor, who has helped me to get myself in shape once again. Keep spreading fitness around the world.
    Lots of love to Nutripulse team.


    Archana Panwar, Jaipur

  • It was very great honor for me to take part in Nutripulse. Here environment, design, aerobic classes and yoga instructors, their exercises and relation with me during the class is too good and appreciable. Here everything is too supportive and all are very kind to me. Staff paid had enough attention on me and therefore, I want to write what I feel. However, my language is barrier. Just I can say is, everything is too fine here at Nutripulse and I wish the best for Nutripulse center.


    Afsaneh, Iran

  • Just a brief note to say thanks to Nutripulse.

    It is because of yoga and because of the dedication of trainers in Nutripulse, that I have been able to regain health, hope, and wisdom personally. I have achieved my desired goal and I feel myself healthy, energetic and more active. The way Nutripulse help us in achieving our goals with different types of workout is appreciable. Your meditation class gives us the peace of mind. We enjoy your boot camp workouts and it is such a pleasure of us to come to class.

    The knowledge of all the trainers at Nutripulse is vast and deep. Big thanks to Nutripulse for its guidance, kindness and patience. Here, trainers connect with each of the students in personal way, which gives the more motivation. I have lost 10 kg in 6 months and got the great benefit from the class.

    Thanks you Nutripulse for your support.


    Mona & Sona Nazwani, Jaipur