Monday - Saturday 06:30am-8:00pm

Mona & Sona Nazwani, Jaipur

Just a brief note to say thanks to Nutripulse.

It is because of yoga and because of the dedication of trainers in Nutripulse, that I have been able to regain health, hope, and wisdom personally. I have achieved my desired goal and I feel myself healthy, energetic and more active. The way Nutripulse help us in achieving our goals with different types of workout is appreciable. Your meditation class gives us the peace of mind. We enjoy your boot camp workouts and it is such a pleasure of us to come to class.

The knowledge of all the trainers at Nutripulse is vast and deep. Big thanks to Nutripulse for its guidance, kindness and patience. Here, trainers connect with each of the students in personal way, which gives the more motivation. I have lost 10 kg in 6 months and got the great benefit from the class.

Thanks you Nutripulse for your support.