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Divya Chauhan, Pregnancy Yoga

Hi, I am Divya Chauhan. I joined Nutripulse few months ago in pre-natal Yoga batch. It was really a nice experience both physically and mentally. Before joining Nutripulse, I had severe back pain from the day I conceive. However, after joining pre natal Yoga, I got relief. By the suggestion of our Pregnancy yoga instructor, I changed my meal timing and I got relief from the acidity problem.

I am very much satisfied with the results and my instructor. As she is very co-operative. She gave us not only physical comfort but also the mental comfort. She especially helped me to get cure from severe back pain, gastric problem and swelling problem.

In addition, I love the interaction, we used to have between the sessions, which helped us to make a certain bond with whole batch mates and create a soothing environment.

Even, the batch and its chatting worked for me as a therapy. The close relationship with Dr. Anjali Phatak helped me to be aware about the problems and many important factors. The sessions at Nutripulse left me with the mental peace and helped with the preparation for the next stage of life. All the credit goes to the director of Nutripulse and my Yoga instructor, which maintained the perfect balance between physical and mental.

One thing more, that I liked the most about Nutripulse is the small events that keep occurring on the auspicious days such as Teej along with the informatory sessions. It gave us lot of information and awareness.

I am completely satisfied with the facility and features Nutripulse paid to us. Thanks to Nutripulse.