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Dr. Snigdha Purohit, Jaipur

A great love for Nutripulse

If you have dedication, vigor and passion for the one, then there is nothing that you cannot achieve. Firstly, it was my dedication and second it is due to Nutripulse, that I have been able to maintain the proper shape.

I always wanted to hear praise for me from every person I meet. I used to hear only two words: tall and good personality. However, where was the beauty, It was hidden inside me and but could not come out due to my busy work schedule. Who helped me in taking that beauty out of me is Nutripulse.

In Nutripulse, I shred eight Kgs of weight and got praise from my colleagues and relatives. It is a different feeling altogether, that I cannot tell. People asked me that how I reduced weight, I tell them that I is because of aerobics at Nutripulse. I keep recommending people for Nutripulse.

Aerobics make you lose weight while doing fun, masti, and you even does not recognize when you lost inches did and weight. A big thanks to our counselor and trainer who made me achieve the target. I curbed the extra pounds without doing dieting.

Dr. Anjali Phatak is true in her nature and always keeps smiling. She is too sweet and forthcoming and always maintains a healthy relation with the clients. One of the most important things here is the environment that we get here is fantastic. Here we get the homely environment and behavior, which make me feel that I know them for a long.

Thank you Nutripulse again for your inspiration!