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Meenal Nawani, Yoga

I am Meenal Nawani, wants to share my warm feelings with you about Nutripulse.

Years passed by and I was trying my hard to lose weight, I did everything I could, including yoga, diet and walking but the weight did not go. My weight was 73 Kg few months ago.

Luckily, I met Dr. Anjali Phatak and asked her for her guidance to lose weight, She said come to Nutripulse an you will see the change. I was hit with a new wave of enthusiasm and went to Nutripulse where I met her and she told me about all slimming therapies and yoga classes. I joined from the next day with the positive attitude, and it changed my life. Anjali Madam guided me and gave me a perfect diet. The yoga trainers here helped me to learn Yoga rightly, while therapy and massages also helped me a lot.

 I lost 8 Kgs in 2.5 months, which is the greatest achievement for me here. Most noticeable thing is that I took one month break and I did not regain it. I feel so energetic and everyday seems like a new day for me. Dr. Anjali Phatak is so sweet and caring and solve every problem one can have related to the health and diet. Our Yoga trainer is the most observant trainer I have ever met and motivates us to keep healthy and fit. I am continuing the sessions at Nutripulse and have lost 11 Kgs till date. I am very happy that I joined Nutripulse, which gave me a lot of confidence and positive results.

I recommend Nutripulse to everyone who wants to stay fit or lose weight.