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Mukesh Kumari, Weight loss Yoga

Hi, I am Mukesh Kumari. I have joined Nutripulse Yoga two months ago. I was very disappointed due to the excess weight and out of shape body. But today after 2 months, I have lost 6.5 Kgs of weight and my waist size also reduce noticeably.

I give whole credit to Nutripulse and their staff and the special thanks to Yoga trainer. She made Yoga somehow more challenging but possible for us. She makes us feel confident about pushing ourself to the limit.

She also shares the benefit of each posture and the easy to do them properly. Each Yoga session here is different and the variety of postures keeps class fresh. I leave class daily with new freshness.

Nutripulse is the right place which give the weight loss program, that mainly focus on weight reduction through  a combination of balanced diet, yogic practices, slimming therapies and massage which helps in improving the shape of body and curb the extra fat.

The combination of therapies and yoga is effective here and helps everyone achieve the desired target.

I highly recommend Nutripulse to everyone.