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Rajni tejwani

I was never regular with my exercise, when I used to do it at home. Soon after joining Nutripulse. I improved. And all the thanks goes to our Aerobic trainer at Nutripulse, who was there to pushing me out of my comfort zone every single day, by constantly reminding me that how just one hour of aerobics will help me better my health and body shape overall. I am glad that you made me understand all the facts related to aerobics and how I found it interesting.

At the same time, it was very amusing to see, how you handle everyone irrespective of age. In addition, the way you took care of us is just like family. Anyone can help reduce body weight, but to maintain a good shape, no one can do better than you can. Now, Nutripulse is an inspiration for me to be regular with the aerobic exercise regimen.