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Rishika Garg

Hey!! I have been coming to Nutripulse from last six months. During these six months, I have lost a lot of weight and .I has gained strength remarkably. I lost12 Kgs of weight and it feel so great when you can wear your old clothes, which did not fit earlier, and now you can wear each one of them. I feel so happy when people compliment me and tell me that I have lost a lot of weight. It is like the best feeling and I am thankful to change it brought in me.

Not only did I lose weight, but also I gained a lot of strength. Earlier, I used to get tired very quickly, but now this is not the case. I felt overjoyed when now I fit into the smaller size clothes. All you have to do is to come regularly and attend class at Nutripulse. In addition, be positive always. I thank my Yoga trainer and Anjali mam for guiding me and help me lose weight. The counselor at Nutripulse is too supportive and motivating for me whenever I was low or negative about the result.