Monday - Saturday 06:30am-8:00pm

Classic Yoga for Positive Health

Yogic postures are scientifically proven postures that make a significant, positive noticeable and unnoticeable impact over one’s body .  When performed right, yogic postures are the backbone of any exercise routine or fitness program.

Yoga at Physiological level –

All classes at Nutripulse, from Health to Power Yoga Batches, from therapy to One-on-One weight loss sessions, from prenatal batches to kids yoga classes, consist of substantial platform of traditional Yoga. Our each class is conceptualized over following tenets: Balance centric – between flexibility and strength. Core centric – Deep physical and Mental harmony. The classes at Nutripulse fall into mainly three types- Health, Fitness and P-cube. Besides, Nutripulse provide the specialized classes for weight loss, prenatal, therapy and kids yoga program. We also have individual customized packages befitting and individual’s needs.

Yoga at Psychological level –

Your health is our reward. The meticulous alignment of each practice under the surveillance of qualified instructor at Nutripulse makes every session more effective and brings the seamless synchronization between one’s body and mind.
Also our instructors are enough qualified to derive the variations in traditional postures for making them more fruitful for an individual’s needs.