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Corporate Yoga

Partner Yoga as the name suggests, is a great way of enjoying and practicing Yoga postures. By practicing Partner Yoga postures, practitioners get connected both physically and emotionally to the partner. Partner Yoga can be practiced with your spouse, friend, parent, child or anyone else. With Partner Yoga, Yoga pose can be made at the same time or a new specific posture can be devised with each other’s suport. This enables to strengthen the trust to your partner and gain sensitivity.

Below are some benefits, which partner yoga brings to your relationship:

1) Cultivates Physical And Emotional Support

Partner Yoga needs both partners to be fully engaged in the experience and dependent on each other for maintaining balance, alignment and focus for the creation of various yoga poses. At the emotional level, Partner Yoga enhances your connection with your partner as you learn to let go, be open and have full faith on each other for support in each of the poses.

2) Creates the co-shared moments

Partner Yoga is not just the balancing your partner, instead it is the way of giving and receiving. Here the trust is shared with your partner and you let him be the support for you to stay fearless in any of the Yoga Pose. This offers an opportunity to create the shared moments and ensure the strength in your relations.

3) Learn to forgive the petty mistakes

We all take our lives too seriously, so are our wins and failures. We all have tendency to throw our frustrations out on our partners, who understands us well. Partner Yoga makes you learn to forgive the petty mistakes and forget the small problems, living the life in most enjoyable manner and create the best moments out of it.

4) Increases the intimacy

Partner Yoga makes the moment of practice enjoyable, because it is practiced with your partner. Every relation goes through patches and to make them better,we all have to work together. Partner Yoga teaches to have fun on every task you do in life with the sense of letting go and enabling you to not take problems too seriously.

6) Power Of Touch

Touch is the most important part of relationship and Partner Yoga gives the touch a sense of trust and support, which makes it more special. Leverage and Kinesthetic energy increase the body’s ability to perform and make it possible to stay more perfectly into the poses with less effort. The touch of trust in Partner Yoga increases our awarenes of each other and open ourselves to greater depth.

4 Partner Yoga Poses

The following are some most effective poses for strengthening the heart, stretching the hamstrings, nourishing the core muscles, and calming the nervous system.