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Yoga for Ailments

Yoga is not only effective in keeping you fit, but also aids in curing the chronic diseases. Yoga classes at Nutripulse fall into mainly two categories – Health and Fitness. Besides, Nutripulse also avail the batches specialised for pre-natal and kids yoga along with our weight loss and therapy program. We offer individual, customized packages too.

Yoga at Physiological level –

Nutripulse has a team of qualified instructors, who possess an adequate knowldege of human anatomy, to correct the postural alignments. Our instructors are enough experienced, and possess the knowledge to observe and modify each practice suitable for the needs of the variety of members. Without declining the need for medication, we endeavour to offer relief from aches, pains and better capacity to deal with chronic illnesses to the maximum possible extent. To give you relief from ailments, we follow the protocol of practices depending upon the need of each person.

Yoga at Psychological level –

Healing chronic diseases is an open-minded journey that helps us gain control over our life. We complement counselling, yoga and breath therapy, mind management techniques, diet therapy, nutritional therapy, and special breathing techniques for anxiety, depression, low immunity, and so on, that make a profound holistic approach for making healthy body.

Asanas have to be adapted and the breathing practices too have to be customized, and this is what we do for you….and it works!