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Yoga for Weight Loss

Weight loss is not just a problem with increased unwanted flab over the body, but it is the invitation to a long roster of inter-related disease, where all comes with the sluggishness and decreased energy as their primary outcome. Breathing Practices in Yoga is an unbeatable remedy for getting relief from these problem. Each sessions in Nutripulse are designed with Breathing practices at the core, emphasised during the workout too. This way, the workout sessions not only induces greater benefits, but also an increase in Prana(vital energy), revitalising your body.

At the physiological level –

Yoga improves digestive system, eliminates constipation, cures water retention, and removes the bloating, only when done in right way or under the supervision of qualified instructor. Yoga also causes the improvement in blood circulation to major endocrine glands of your body such as the thyroid and pancreas, which control appetite, moods and sleeping disorders like Sleep Apnea.

At the psychological level –

Obesity or Increased weight often generates the psychosomatic ailments which also accompany the great deal of harsh self-judgment. Yoga is a perfect way to recreate the positive environment around one to reconnect with bodies and quieten the counterproductive messages often seem to arise in one’s mind.