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Hair colouring and hair highlights are the current trending things in the market. Doing hair streaks, hair highlights for women and even highlights for men are fashionable and beautiful. Some people prefer hair colour to cover gray while some see hair colour styles for fashion. The most important thing while doing hair treatment in Jaipur is to check whether the salon is providing the best professional hair colour or not. At Nutripulse, you will get the best high-end ammonia-free hair colour which also includes the touch-up in the roots to create a creative colouring and even block colouring.

Global Coloring, Block Coloring, & Creative Hair Coloring at Beauty salon - Nutripulse

Hair colour and hair colour styles are quite popular among the new generation even now hair colouring is not just for teens, working professionals colour to gear up their look. The streaking and global colouring is a better option for them.

It is necessary to hire the best professional hair colour expert who can do it best for you. Global hair colouring is a technique where you colour all your hair from root to tip in the same colour. It is not a good idea to get any random colour but the best hair stylist in Jaipur will help you to understand which colour suits best according to your skin tone and hair quality.

Block colouring is another beautiful and fresh look for your style especially without compromising your natural hair colours. We colour your hair in a set of blocks. While Gemini colour has two separate partitions of two colours, block colouring can be in as many blocks and colours as you like. The hair treatment in Jaipur by Nutripulse has excellent service with knowledgeable professionals with good experience in block colouring.

After the trending global colouring, block colouring, streaking this creative colouring in colour to your hair. It is painting your hair with a heavy saturation of colours in creative placement until you reach the desired colour and design. It will add a great change to your natural hair colour to give a wild and distinctive combination that shows your style and aura. The best professional hair dye that Nutripulse uses is safe for skin and hair and their experts have great hands-on experience to give the best results.



Hair highlights will give you a new and dynamic look. It is generally certain pieces of hair which are lighter than your natural hair colour incorporated in your hair. The hair highlights for women and highlights for men are popular in the current scenario. The high quantity of chemicals used in some salons can affect your hair treatment in Jaipur. At Nutripulse, you will get the best natural hair tips in Jaipur with so many options for hair colour styles and highlights hair colour. We also use a defined amount of high-end ammonia-free hair colour and hair streaks to give the best texture colour according to your complexion, face shape and personality. 

The traditional technique which is also known as hair foiling, is used to lighten the strand from roots to tips while for the babylights you can get a little sun-kissed look and subtle appearance. It will add shimmer and glow to the hair. The sweep Balayage is blending colours. The Ombre highlights would look best for those who get trans of colours throughout the lengths while sombre is more subtle than ombre. The Nutripulse expert professional has a good eye to determine which hair highlight looks best on you.


Best Unisex Salon & Beauty Parlour in Jaipur | Nutripulse

The Nutripulse is the best hair spa in Jaipur which provides the best professional hair colour and professional hair health and beauty care for you. We are well versed in providing health care services, skin care service, makeup and the best hair treatment for women with hair loss. We work on providing the best and expert smoothing and keratin treatment to the best botox treatment for hair to get a luxurious look. You will get the best hairstylist in Jaipur only at Nutripulse. Hairs are your beauty and wealth so you should wisely choose the expert to handle your tresses.



Q1.  What makes Nutripulse the best salon for hair colouring and highlights in Jaipur?

 Nutripulse not only uses the best and ammonia-free high-end product but also has the professional choose the treatment according to your skin, hair colour and personality.


Q2. Are the hair colour products used at Nutripulse safe for my hair?

The hair colour product of Nutripulse is high and ammonia free which is perfectly safe to use for scalp and hair.


Q3. Can I book an appointment at Nutripulse online?

You can visit our website to book your appointment.


Q4. Does Nutripulse offer any special discounts or packages for hair colouring and highlighting services?

The special discount and package will be shared when you visit or contact us.