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Choosing a flattering hairstyle is more than deciding on whether to keep your hair long or short. There is a variety of haircuts for men and women at Nutripulse that will fit into your style.



Some of the trending Hairstyles for men at Nutripulse:


The Ivy League

The Ivy League hairstyle is a lengthier version of the crew cut, with longer hair on top and short, fading sides. This haircut can be worn with one side parted. A shape-up – shaved natural hairline and shaved side parting – is used in a newer, more polished version of this cut.



Men’s Undercut

An undercut is a hairstyle that features short, buzzed sides and back that are separated from the longer crown area. This more sophisticated undercut haircut combines a mid fade on the sides and a low fade in the back with a lengthier top section.



Caesar Cut

The Caesar haircut, named after Julius Caesar, is distinguished by a short, straight-cut fringe. This contemporary take on the Caesar cut has a disheveled, bleached crown region and a detached skin fade on the sides and back.




Mohawks, which were called after a Native American tribe, became a signature of punk aesthetics. This hairstyle has a long strip of hair from the brow to the lower neck and short, buzzed sides. We adore this modern take on the cut, with its exquisite embellishments while remaining bold and rebellious.



Faux Hawk Haircut

A faux hawk is a softer, more conforming version of the mohawk. While the contrast between the short sides and the longer hair strip remains, the lines are merged, making this hairstyle more wearable and trendy.



Faded HairCut

The Faded Haircut at Nutripulse will have three variants:

  • Low Fade: A low fade is a form of men's haircut in which the extremely short sides grow in length just above the ears, merging into the longer hair on top. This contrasted appearance with extremely short skin fade and long, tousled top may appeal to you, or you may choose a less dramatic, classier version of the same style - with a shorter top and longer sides.


  • Middle Fade: The middle fade follows the line around the head just below the crown: hair transitions from short to long between the ear and the top. We recommend leaving the crown region longer for curly and wavy hair and styling it with hair mousse.


  • High Fade: According to its name, high fade creates a more obvious contrast between the short sides and the lengthy top. While this haircut is striking and edgy on its own, it may be enhanced with a shaved hairstyle.



There are other professional Hair Cuts like  Crew Cut, Buzz Cut, Bowl Cut, Hipster Cut, Man Bun, etc. The styling and cut is also done according to requests stated by the clients.




Bob Cut:

Bob haircuts are ideal if you want to experiment with a short and edgy hairstyle. Bob haircuts come in a variety of styles to fit various face shapes and sizes. While straight bobs appear professional, asymmetrical cuts with rough edges provide a laid-back vibe.



Multi-layers For Long Hair

When it comes to long hair haircuts, styling is a difficult chore. Furthermore, because of the length and volume of long hair, styling options are restricted.Given this circumstance, the ideal Indian Hairstyles for long hair are several lengthy layers. If you want to have a modern hairdo, this is the ideal option.



Side Bangs With A Lob

Side bangs have resurfaced as one of the most fashionable hairstyles for females with medium-length hair.We absolutely adore the long bob — longer in front, shorter in back – and you will, too. Wispy Bangs with Layers Piece-y bangs that don't cover the majority of your face are the 'in' look right now. So the greatest thing you can do is mix them with all-over layers or wavy shoulder-length hair, and it will look much better.



Collarbone Messy Inverted Cut:

The partial balayage revitalises the angled bob, creating the ideal bed head style for medium hair.



Ombre Shag with a Middle Part.

Shags will always be popular because, when done correctly, they add volume and dimension to the hair. This is also why medium haircuts look well on almost everyone. Use the ombre method to provide a unique touch to the overall look!



Piece-y Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs.

Wear one of the easiest and most elegant medium-length hairstyles available! The piece-y cut is appropriate for any occasion and aesthetic, whether formal or informal. You may experiment with different colours by adding highlights and lowlights.



Choppy Wavy Lob.

Looking for a shoulder-length short hairdo that is exciting but not excessively crazy? Then try a choppy elongated bob! It's one of the medium hairstyles for women that adds texture, especially when paired with highlights. For a broader, more voluminous appearance, add some waves.



Ombre Hair Colors

Ombre hair colours, another popular hairstyle, are making a comeback. The best thing is that a vivid coloured ombre will offer your hair the dosage of flair it need, regardless of hair length.Do you want to try something different with your hair? Opt for Ombre Hair Color to freshen up your style and look fashionable and up to date at all times and in all places.



There are other professional Hair Cuts and styling  can also done according to requests stated by the clients.