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Saree draping style is not just simple draping but an art to achieve a flawless lock. Even if you have proper makeup and other things if your dress is not perfectly aligned then you can ruin your look. The saree draping can be of a wide variety from party to traditional wear and even for a simple Pooja.

At Nutripulse, we offer different styles of saree draping like lehenga style saree draping, dhoti style saree draping, saree style for weddings, new style saree wearing, cotton saree draping, easy saree draping, organza saree draping, stylish saree wearing, plus size saree draping, lehenga saree draping, gown style saree draping and even professional saree draping to work.

The precise and easy saree draping for manageable to unmanageable saree so that you can rock your event. Our professional saree draping will blow your mind with a precise and perfectly pleated saree. Whether it is a cotton saree organza saree, or even Bollywood chiffon rock, we will drape it all for you.


It doesn't matter what your size or colour of saree fabric is our professionals are trained to give you a phenomenal appearance with your favourite saree in just a matter of minutes. Even they will tuck it in such an elegant way that you will dance, walk or run and your saree will stay on point.

Trendy Saree Draping Styles by Professionals

We know that you can drape a new style saree yourself but for an important event, you need help with professional saree draping. You can do this trendy saree draping for hours or get yourself a professional from Nutripulse.

The Nutripulse will not only give you a flawless and elegant makeup hair look but also help you drape a saree to achieve the desi Diva Avatar.

We offer you a wide variety of trendy draping styles to get the perfect saree draping in the easy steps full stop whether it is lehenga saree draping gown style saree draping or modern style saree draping we are here to serve you with perfect and precision.

Get your Saree and we will drape it for you!

Are you worried about how you will drape your saree? It is not possible to get that much perfection by yourself especially for the silk saree draping because the fabric is quite a lot to handle especially for beginners. At this time of emergency, you need a professional to give you the best and perfect saree draping regardless of the fabric or style you desire.

The Nutripulse excellent saree pleating services provide the best saree draping for party saree draping, new style saree wearing, cotton saree draping, new style saree draping, easy saree draping, modern style saree draping, perfect saree draping, organza saree draping, stylish saree wearing, plus size saree draping, gown style saree draping, professional saree draping and the trendiest new style of saree wearing.

Get any type of saree and we will drip it for you. We have specialists for every size fabric and style to help you understand which style will suit you perfectly. Give a try to professional saree draping by Nutripulse and get yourself ready to gather compliments.



Q1. How much do you charge for saree draping?

Professional saree draping is popularised especially by social media where they charge money for a single drape. Even if you look at the perfection of a professional you will see how precise and experienced a hand is required for the work to achieve. The charge for saree draping can range from 1000 to 35,000.


Q2. How many types of saree draping styles are there at the Beauty Salon by Nutripulse?

When it comes to saree draping styles India has dozens of options. We have Mumtaz saree draping to the trending saree draping styles which will match the current scenario. 

  • The Maharashtrian nauvari saree or casta saree gives the lungi-like appearance by putting the pallu on the left shoulder with elaborate adornment.
  • The Gujarati saree dress wears the pallu over the shoulder and covers the chest to give an elegant and sophisticated look, especially for weddings and festivals.
  • The Bengali saree dress popularly recognised as the Bengali dhoti style saree is considered an elegant and sophisticated draping where the pallu drapes twice over the shoulder. This is a perfect look for occasions like Durga Puja and festivities.
  • The basic nivi style saree draping popularized among working women since the 1850s is easy yet elegant to drape.

These are some basic types of saree draping but the modern and trendy style for sarees is popularized by social media and Indian cinema which can only be achieved by a professional hand flawlessly without messing up your mind.


Q3. How to drape the saree step by step?

These are steps for new style saree draping.

  • Tie the inner petticoat securely.
  • Tuck the plan and make the pleats in the waist.
  • Draped the pleats in the front adjusted the pallu length and secured it with a pin.