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Body hairs are something that never stops growing. Sometimes people wonder why there is so much growth in other parts except your head. Even when winters pass away quickly without any waxing the summers need the necessary shine, especially the bikini wax. It's not just for women but waxing for men is getting popular, especially with hard wax.

Another popular and less messy option apart from traditional body waxing in full-body wax or underarm wax is Ricca wax which doesn't stick too much and has less danger of skin peeling.

The waxing in Jaipur has the best spot for a waxing salon which is Nutripulse. You can get the best and smoothest bikini wax in Jaipur. You can even have nose wax, face wax for women, leg wax, and male waxing at one spot Nutripulse.

If you are afraid of face wax for women you can opt for threading, eyebrow threading, face threading, brow threading, upper lip threading, full face threading, eyebrow threading, hair threading, threading facial hair, eyebrow threading men, forehead threading, beard threading which might be bit painful but is safe with any wax. 

From men to women, everyone can enjoy high-class trained service with professionals at Nutripulse.



Beautiful and smooth skin is the desire of every woman but for that skin, you need to remove those unwanted hairs. Waxing is the most common practice to achieve that goal. 

For waxing in Jaipur, Nutripulse is one stop for all services in waxing. We offer different kinds of wax bikini wax, hair wax, eyebrow wax, wax hair removal, Rica wax, leg wax, underarm wax, face wax for women, hard wax, body wax and even male waxing.

The variety of waxing services to remove unwanted hairs makes Nutripulse the best waxing unisex salon in Jaipur. The unmatchable professionals and perfect facilities to regulate temperature and pressure to carry out the service very professionally. We also do the process fast and with the utmost hygiene that you will love. 



Threading, especially eyebrow threading is one of the best ways to attain a precise and perfect shape for an eyebrow. The brow threading can be twitching painful but provides better results than any other options. Besides the brow hair threading, gives perfect shape to the shape and glow of your personality.

The threading experts of Nutripulse have great experience in giving the best eyebrow threading. The eyebrow-shaping threading of them is truly on the point.

Our experts are very well experienced in conducting upper lip threading, full face threading, forehead threading, beard threading, and perfect eyebrow threading not only for women but also for men to remove those unwanted hairs for a flawless look. 

The best unisex threading salon in Jaipur is Nutripulse with their experienced professionals and perfect facilities to conduct the process. We ensure to provide the best customer service and experience to make them customer's favourite.



Q1. How long does threading last?

It depends on the growth of individual hairs. That can vary from 3 to 8 weeks.


Q2. Which waxing is best for the skin?

Ricca is considered one of the best types of waxing. However, the type of wax can differ on the body part it is being used. You can ask your waxing expert for more precise details. Options like honey and aloe wax are more popular and demanded by customers.


Q3. Where is the best waxing in Jaipur?

The Nutripulse has best quality wax and expert and experienced professionals who work flawlessly to get work done in less pain. The hygienic conditions will make you worry-free about our services.


Q4. What are the benefits of threading? 

Threading has a lot of benefits and it's quite easy to do.

  • It is better than tweezing and plucking hair and provides good precision.
  • This doesn't remove any top layer of skin instead works to pick hairs.
  • Chemical exposure is nowhere involved.
  • It is devoid of any hot waxing exposure that can burn skin.
  • It lasts for a longer time like a month or two and you can easily spot a hair and pluck if necessary.
  • The precision in shaping is best in threading.
  • Threading is a less time-consuming process, especially for facing a good professional.


Q5. Where can I find the best threading service in Jaipur?

Nutripulse provides the best threading service in Jaipur. The experts give valuable advice and work according to your face and hair growth.


Q6. What is better waxing or threading for facial hair removal? 

It depends on the individual how long we can bear the pain. If we go for threading then we have to go through pain for a long, while for waxing it can react to some individuals on the face and cause serious allergic reactions. You should do a patch test for waxing or threading to avoid any such problems.