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Waxing and Threading


Our Nutripulse beauty experts provide basic grooming sessions like threading and waxing unlike any other. Our professionals take utmost care to ensure our customers have a comfortable and relatively less painful experience. We use only good quality products with a gentle hand.


Eyebrow threading is done keeping in mind your facial features, while a full body waxing ensures a silky-smooth result. At Nutripulse, we use a special wax which nourishes your skin and removes tans.


Category of Wax available in Nutripulse:


The Sugar (Honey/ Chocolate/ Alovera) Hot Wax is clean, sterile and melts easily. It spreads evenly, sticks properly & pulls off hair in one painless jerk. Some of the benefits of using Sugar Wax:

  •  Pulls hair without any pain
  •  Spreads easily and evenly on the skin
  •  Comes in a microwavable jar

Rica Specifically Chose Theobroma Cacao From South America For Its Many Known Therapeutic Properties, Including Energizing And Revitalizing The Skin. This Special Formula Provides A Wax Consistency That Is Easy To Spread Evenly Over A Wider Surface Area Of The Skin.



Get rid of unwanted body hair easily with Brazilian Hot  Wax White. These hard wax beans when melted using a wax heater, come to a consistency that offers the best painless stripless waxing experience. Unlike the usual sugar wax, this white chocolate stripless wax does not hurt at all, which means you can easily use this at home as well.


Hot film stripless waxing is a convenient way to reveal smoother skin without the mess caused by using strips. This wax is formulated with titanium dioxide and a light vanilla aroma that leaves behind a delightful fragrance and gives you a spa-like experience. It does not cause any irritation or redness on the skin. Its soft and smooth texture gently covers each hair and pulls it out without the pain, while the sweet aroma relaxes the mind. Effective for removal of coarse and short hair, recommended for Brazilian waxing.