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Massage and Spa Services


Feel the relaxation in muscles and calmness in mind with Nutripulse Massage and Spa Services!


Nutripulse Massage and Spa Centre is specifically focused to provide you with the benefits of age-old traditional Ayurvedic and Aroma Therapy that rejuvenates your body and de-stress your soul. The whole treatment is profoundly relaxing and good for the skin.


Our therapists use natural essential oils to massage your body and create a soothing environment around for the ultimate peaceful experience. Low lights, scented candles, soft music are the key requirements that are taken care of while giving you the spa and massage treatment.


To reap the perks of Aroma Therapy, our experienced therapists massage your entire body with the essential oils to create different scents that encourage you to relax and calm your mind. Aroma Therapy is utilized during the massage as smell has a strong connection with the brain and calms it instantly with strong soothing fragrances. Essential oils are proven to promote relaxation and help you relieve stress.


When your body experiences a unique sense of calmness and relaxing massage, your body releases high levels of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. All these help you to relieve anxiety, stress and depression while boosting the sense of well-being and self-worth along with the feeling of positivity and high motivation. The massage by an experienced Nutripulse Therapist can help you reduce stress hormones levels by 30%. It helps your body to relieve muscle pains and feel more lighter and comfortable. The pressure while massaging depends on the muscle pain points and our experts have the expertise to do it in the right way without causing any sprain or injury.


Massage and Spa Treatments are proved to be a luxurious gift that you can offer yourself. It’s just like pampering your body a little more so that your body feels relaxed and releases all the stress that got accumulated in your muscles. Nutripulse experts also use modern and advanced massage techniques that give you the optimum massage benefits. Available at affordable prices, our massage and spa treatments vary depending on your requirements. It may be centric to specific body parts or the complete Organic Spa Massage Services.


Nutripulse Massaging Centres are aesthetically beautiful that give you the whole peaceful vibe as soon as you step in. Our Therapists are very well versed with the massaging techniques and have that magic in their hands that relaxes your whole body and puts your mind to rest. Compiling the benefits of Ayurveda with aromatic scents in accordance to the therapy which works the best for stress relief.


Stress has adverse side effects on your body and mind, it weakens your immune system and increases depression. It also raises blood pressure and increases the risk of a heart attack. Insomnia and anxiety are also visible signs of high-stress levels. So, if you are someone who is juggling through lots of stress and need some time off to experience soothing relaxation, then Nutripulse Massage and Spa Centre will make it possible for you! Our Therapists will give you the most relaxing and peaceful experience like never before and make your body feel more positive and energized!