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World Food Safety Day 2021: How To Ensure Food Safety

Due to Covid pandemic, food safety has gained even more importance. Here are some tips to ensure food safety.

Food safety is one of the public health issues and a vital step towards the achieving food security, during this pandemic. This is not a food borne infection, According to WHO, there is not any indication which shows that food is a mode of transmission for the COVID-19 sickness.

Every year on JUNE 7, food safety day is celebrate or observed to raise or build up the awareness about the strategies to identify, avoid and manage the food borne hazards. Keeping food safe clean and free from viruses and bacteria has become more critical during this situation of pandemic.

Tips to Ensure Food Safety:-

There is link between the food safety, nutrition, food security, unsafe or unhygienic food feeds a cruel cycle of sickness that mostly affects everyone new-borns, young children, and the elderly.

So Here are some tips or hints to maintain food Safety during this pandemic:-

  1. Purchase food items from well reputable and sanitary places. Avoid purchasing foods from unsanitary regions.
  2. Rinse fruits, vegetable and other food items from water properly with regular tap water.
  3. Clean the hands before handling items from the market. Before storing the goods wash /sanitise hands clearly with the help of hand wash or sanitizer.
  4. Before going to cook the items, re wash the items with the help of warm water because cross contamination is also an issue it also may cause infection or gave rise to it especially in Non- Vegetarian foods.
  5. With the aspects of food safety it is important to cook raw vegetables after pealing or removing the non-eatable outer layer.
  6. Consume fresh food after cooking as soon as possible rather than living it cool, cook food in a quantity which will be consumed and don’t reheat the food because it might kill the efficiency of minerals and vitamins.
  7. When storage, keep food in the temperature below 5 degree Celsius and hot temp should be 60 degree Celsius.

Continue sanitize and wash hands with soap or sanitizer. Keep the surrounding clean.

Importance of Food safety during pandemic:

Acc. to WHO food borne illness or diseases can affects individuals at every ages all over the worldwide. But it affects mostly under the age of 5. And lower income nations. Due to COVID-19 A safe and healthy food supply is very important as a aspects of health and nutrition. Covid 19 is not transmitted by food but spread between persons who are in close contact with each other.

Cs for the Food Safety

Four simple rules that helps in to stay safe from food borne illness:

  1. Preparing food
  2. Avoid Cross contamination
  3. Cook
  4. Refrigerate

Hands, preparation areas and utensils should be washed properly before cooking or preparation of food.