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Antenatal Yoga

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Antenatal Yoga


Prepares You Mentally

Breathing techniques helps to stay calm and confident. You learn to be comfortable while being uncomfortable, breathing exercises make you feel the tension inside while you inhale, and letting go of them when you exhale the air. This prepares you mentally for childbirth as you develop the sense of confidence and control.


Keeps your medical condition in Control

It helps to keep Blood Pressure normal, prevents rapid weight gain, makes pelvic muscles stronger, relieves morning sickness and reduce the swelling in hands, feet and face.


Connects with your little one developing

yoga calms and relaxes your mind, and you can focus on the little things that are happening inside of you. Yoga is one of the way to make the mother and baby bonding by cutting down your physical fatigue. It makes your motherhood journey a lifetime experience and it makes you to fall in love with yourself.


Helps in Pregnancy Hormonal imbalance and Mood Swings

Pregnancy Hormones(progesterone and estrogen) level increases and that results in mood swings, anxiety ,sadness, fear, and frustration, which can lead to depression. Yoga Asanas are one the best way to keep your hormones in control and ease your journey to Motherhood.