Aerobics is popular worldwide as a physical activity to improve the general physical condition. It was first developed in the 60's by Dr. Kenneth H Cooper to prevent Coronary Artery Sickness intended for those in the Military. This was later developed into a dance routine aimed at improving cardio fitness.


At the Aerobics class you move from a modest to high pace often to music. It is a fun way of exercising as you do it in a group and it is more like dancing with friends. Mayo Clinic recommends aerobics as a weight loss routine for at least five days a week for 30 minutes at each session. An hour's workout of aerobics, depending on the intensity can burn between 550 and 800 calories.


Aerobics exercise burn the most amounts of calories and strengthens the heart and lungs by increasing their ability to utilize oxygen more efficiently. It also reduces body fat; builds muscle mass, and increases energy and endurance promoting a sense of well-being leading to reduced anxiety, improved mood and less stress.