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Best Yoga Classes in Jaipur


In this life full of hustles, our body needs time off to relieve stress. Hence, only physical fitness doesn’t count, if your mind is stressed about one thing or the other. In this scenario, Yoga does wonder!


For thousands of years, people are practicing yoga to build a perfect mind-body-soul balance. It includes the Yoga Asanas and Pranayama that integrate the body with mind and mind with soul. So, the right Yoga Postures with the right guidance of the Yoga Expert give peace to the mind, relaxation to the soul and balance to the body! It enhances flexibility and strength, hence keeping your body perfectly fit not only from the outside but also from within!


This magic of Yoga can be attained with Nutripulse Yoga Experts who teach you various Asanas and Pranayama with the right breathing techniques specific to your particular body parts in the right sequence. An hour of yoga practice can relax your whole body and calm your mind. Our Yoga Experts help you to do all the ‘kriyas’ and ‘mudras’ that form the important part of yoga, along with the right posture of stretches that relaxes your muscles.


Online Yoga Classes in Jaipur also includes a powerful meditation that gives freedom to your mind to let go of all the stress and negativity that accumulates in your body and rejuvenate your soul to experience ultimate peace and think freely for your better self!


Our Dedicated Team of Yoga Experts makes sure that you yield the maximum benefits of practicing Yoga and cleanse your body and spirit to experience the positive energy all day round!


With Nutripulse, you will experience 7 forms of yoga that involves asanas and pranayams which focus on various set of series of postures. They are:


  1. Ashtanga Yoga: Ashtanga Yoga follows the six series of set sequences with synchronized breathing. It improves body endurance and flexibility.
  2. Hatha Yoga: Hatha Yoga is the adoption of Bodily Postures called asanas which leads to Physical Exertion. It has great importance on diet, purificatory processes and regulation of breathing
  3. Power Yoga: Power Yoga is also called Vinyasa Yoga. It is athletic Yoga that focuses on building strength and endurance.
  4. Core Yoga: Core Yoga connects your body with the spiritual core to access inner power. Hence, it strengthens and empowers the body, mind and spirit.
  5. Partner Yoga: Also known as Couple Yoga is done with a partner to boost alignment, trust and strengthen communication. It has a very positive effect on the relationship and builds a sense of cooperation.
  6. Meditate Balancing Yoga: Meditate Balancing Yoga deepens the understanding and relaxes the mind to experience a perfect life balance.
  7. Brick and Strap Yoga: It gives your body a correct alignment and deepens a stretch while bringing the floor closer to you!
  8. Kundalini Yoga: Kundalini Yoga activates your spiritual energy located at the base of the spine which leads to improved mood, great focus, low blood pressure, balanced metabolism, and good strength.


Our Yoga Experts guide you through each form of yoga that rejuvenates your soul, strengthens the body and calms your mind.


Forms of Yoga: