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PCOS/PCOD Management


PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) and PCOD ( Polycystic Ovary Disorder)  are two major hormonal conditions that are quite common in women nowadays! Research has shown that 1 out of every 10 women is suffering from PCOS/PCOD due to which they have hormonal imbalance and metabolism problems which in turn affect their overall health and appearance. It is a lifestyle disorder that leads to irregular and infrequent menstrual periods along with secondary symptoms of PCOS like excessive hair growth, heavy menstrual bleed and pain, insulin resistance, hair thinning, acne, hirsutism (elevated male hormones) that leads to the growth of dark coarse hair all across the body. Some other symptoms of PCOS are sleep apnoea, mood swings, fatigue and weight gain. Although it is quite difficult to treat PCOS, nutrition can do wonders to improve the overall condition and reduce the impact of its symptoms.


Adequate Nutrition and Workout Plans are the key to treating the symptoms of PCOS. Adopting an integrative and holistic approach can help to treat PCOS symptoms like insulin resistance, hair growth, acne, and irregular menstrual periods. At Nutripulse by Anjali Phatak, we have successfully helped many women with PCOS/PCOD. Research has shown that insulin resistance can be reduced by 50% only by reducing the initial body weight by 5-10 kgs. The weight loss helps to regain the body balance which helps in restoring the normal functioning of the ovaries. Hence, it leads to the reduction of male hormones, regularises menstrual periods, and improves fertility.


Eating Natural and Nutritious Food followed by an effective Fitness Program and a few lifestyle changes can bring a powerful change in your PCOS/PCOD Condition. Hence, it is the least that you can do for your body to fight back the symptoms of PCOS/PCOD. The basic key points that PCOD Treatment should include are:

  • Nutrient-Dense Diet: Following a Nutrient-Dense Diet customized with Low-GI is very important to bring a change in your PCOs/PCOD condition. Hence, incorporate PCOS Diet in your daily regime to see a significant improvement in your health.
  • Stress and Anxiety Management: High Level of Stress regulates your hormones and worsens the condition of PCOS. Hence, controlling your Stress and Anxiety Level can help you to strike a balance in your hormones and improve the overall condition.
  • Mood Management: Mood Management is important to calm down your fluctuating mood swings and balance your hormones. The more stable you are with your emotions, the more sync your body will be with your hormones.
  • Exercise: There is a dedicated set of exercises for PCOS/PCOD that helps your body to achieve a Hormonal Balance and reduce the symptoms. 


Professional Team of Nutripulse is equipped with qualified and experienced Nutritionists and Doctors who help you to follow a 4 step scientific process that comprises the stages of Detox + Rejuvenate + Nourish + Maintain. This holistic process helps you to see visible results in your PCOS/PCOD condition through Natural Nutritional Therapy. The proper nutritional plan of action with the right guidance of workout and lifestyle changes is the effective solution to fight against PCOS/PCOD. To help you follow the routine religiously, our experts are there to support and motivate you at every step for bringing out the positive change in your body by controlling your PCOS/PCOD symptoms.