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Our Fatloss Therapy machine is a vibrating fat machine that aids in weight loss and stimulates blood circulation. It may soften and eliminate excess fat, enhance blood circulation, body massage, restore health and slimness, and boost skin elasticity.

A muscle-vibrating device with five distinct heads. By using fast compression and vibration, it softens extra fat in the body. Through consistent usage of this item, body fat can gradually vanish.

This fashionable genuine G5 comes with the revolutionary directional stroking feature. This unique adapter converts the orbital massage motion into tangential unidirectional stroking, which aids in the flow of surface bodily fluids to aid Lymphatic

For years, physical therapists, chiropractors, and sports injury specialists have been performing electrotherapy using electrical muscle stimulation, or EMS, machines to treat neuromuscular issues. Now you can find this ultra-modern and advanced device at Nutripulse as a treatment for fat loss and body contouring. Fat Loss treatments using EMS will be packaged as "Slimming Machine" sessions, which will help you to rid your body of cellulite, puffiness, and toxins, as well as help you lose weight and inches.

The Fatloss Machine at Nutripulse is a lightweight, portable machine designed to deliver electrical signals through adhesive electrode pads that are placed over specific areas of the body. The electrical impulses stimulate the nerves and cause the muscles to contract. The device is computerized with different programs that deliver varying strengths of stimulation. The number of electrodes which will be placed on your body over strategic areas—like hips and thighs—at one time.

Like other Slimming Treatments , Fatloss Therapy takes place in a comfortable, quiet environment while you relax on a massage table. Before your first treatment, you may undergo a total body assessment that includes weighing, measuring and body fat analysis in order to track your progress. A single session lasts anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes. In order to get the results you want, we  may recommend two to three sessions a week for up to six weeks. The fatloss treatment at Nutripulse the treatment is safe, noninvasive and pain-free. - Best Non-Invasive Fat Reduction

The fatloss machine at Nutripulse  requires the powerful ultrasonic heads to discharge 40,000Hz powerful ultrasonic, speedy vibrates fattiness cells, which creates innumerable vacuum air pocket inside and outside of cells, mightily affects the fatty cells, creates the cell membrane produce the internal cracking, in order to dissolve the bile to function as glycirin and free fatty acid, in the beginning, uses the dynamical reddish photon and the oriented electrode to perform skin tightening, makes the entire body slimming and beauty consequences.

The Fat Loss Therapy at Nutripulse will help you to:

  • Elimination of Fat: the high frequency vibration boosts the dissolution of this fat and increases the elasticity of the skin, affects the tension of these pores, which boosts the absorption of nourishment, accelerates the metabolism and, thus, promotes the weightloss.
  • Maintenance of The Body Massager: its use in the body is able to decrease the swelling, helped to tighten and lift skin, thinning the bottoms of the hip of the abdomen of their arm. Suitable for all skin types.
  • Tighten Your Skin: EMS alone could foster the contract and reorganization of collagen, which generates new collagen and leaves the muscles of skin tighten more.