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Transformation Services

Mrs. Neelu Sharma

Client Transformation

Struggling with obesity, Neelu sharma started her journey with nutripulse in august 2021 

Total weight loss- 10 KG

inches loss - chest- 10cm


Tummy- 12 cm

Hips- 9 cm

Arms- 3 cm

Thighs- 11 cm

Before and after weight loss- 79 kg- 69 kg

Health Issues- joint pain, iron and calcium deficiency

Time taken for Transformation- 5 Months

She was Suffering from iron, and calcium deficiency and joints pain problem. Over the years, she had tried several options, to control her obesity but with no success. she was depressed when she came to the "NUTRIPULSE". After examination the decission was made to begin with natural dietary supplements and a close follow-up with every month BCA. After from months Mrs.Neelu had lost 10 kg of body weight and had a normalized fat percentage for her age and gender. A designed diet plan was planned according to likes and dislikes and lack of deficiency was also treated with the diet plan.

This transformation was possible because of the dietary modification done in routine, self motivation given by the nutritionist.

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