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5 Non oily snacks for navratri fasting

Navratri is joyful celebration of nine days in which goddness durga is worshiped and a lot of people do fasts during Navratris, in Indian subcontinent mostly people give up on non- vegetarian foods while some restrict onion and garlic. Some famous dishes that are sabudana khichdi, fruit salad, kheer and kuttu chapatti are consumed by many people during navratri season. Here are some non oily snacks that can consume in navratri fasting.

1. Banana tikki

Tikki are also prepared from fruits like banana also. It is not fasting dish but can be prepared during navratri. Banana tikki melt in mouth and make you feel better instead of eating boring food. To enhance the flavor or taste add chillies, coriander.

2. Samak dhokla

Samak is healthy and nutritious option for navratri fasting. Mostly people use samak to prepare samak rice, puri, khichdi, kheer also it can be used to prepared dhokla it will taste delicious use samak instead of besan as the dominant ingredient.

3. Singhada chilla

Singhada chilla is prepared from singhada flour. It is healthy snack that can be consumed while navratri fasting. Use singhada as the dominant ingredient instead of besan or suji.  Add corriender and chillies for enhance the flavor.

4. Kuttu cutlet

Kuttu atta or singhada atta can be used to make cutlets. Avoid deep frying these cutlets it can be prepare them in air fryer or idli maker. Use idli and appe maker can help in avoiding the extra oil that absorbs in oily snacks.

5. Mint yogurt dip

Mint yogurt dip is also good option for navratri fasting. Consume yogurt dip with baked potato chips. Kuttu cutlets also go well with mint yogurt. Mint yogurt dip includes all the goodness of nutrients and does not have any ingredients that are not allowed while fasting.

Navratri is celebrated in a different way in various parts of India. In north, people keep a fast for 9 days and celebrate the auspicious day of fasting at the end. It is not necessary to eat all kinds of unhealthy and oily foods while fasting for navratri include these non- oily healthy snacks in navratri.


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