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5 Reasons Why a Pre Bridal Makeup is an Essential Thing to Pack for an Indian Wedding


Indian brides have a lot of pre-wedding rituals and ceremonies to go through. They are also expected to be in their best physical and mental shape on their wedding day. One of the most important aspects is the makeup done by the bride herself or by her family members on her wedding day. The bride has to look radiant and beautiful for all those who are attending the wedding. It is very important that a bride does not wear too much makeup for her pre-wedding ceremony since it will show up on her pictures, which will be displayed at the wedding venue. It is also important that she does not wear too little makeup because it might make her look tired and lifeless on one of the most important days of her life. The perfect balance between these two extremes, is what every bride should aim for when applying makeup before any event or ritual that takes place before a wedding day.


All brides need foundation that will conceal any imperfections and make the skin appear flawless. With foundations of varying shades, brides can choose their perfect color to accentuate their features. One of the most important things when it comes to makeup for a bride is choosing an eye shadow with a subtle shimmer which will highlight her eyes beautifully without making them look overly dramatic. A few proposals are often used around the eye area on a bride's wedding day. Brides should avoid selecting colors that are too bright on their wedding day. Instead, they should select colors with a subtle shimmer that will make her eyes stunning without appearing too bold.



What are the Benefits of Pre Bridal Makeup?

A bridal makeup is a must for all the Indian girls who want to look their best on wedding day. They are very important because they help in highlighting the bride's natural beauty. The pre-wedding makeup is done before the actual wedding ceremony and it includes: - Putting on some light eye makeup, - Placing some blusher or highlighter on cheekbones, - Applying lip gloss or lipstick, - Using a facial scrub to cleanse skin and prep for moisturizing cream. . - Applying foundation.The main makeup of the Indian bride is the traditional "Mehndi" which is a henna art, tattooed on the palms of the bride's hands and feet, as well as her forearms, ankles, and other parts of her body that are exposed. Henna has a long history as it is one of the oldest known methods to accentuate an individual's features with temporary tattoos. It also has a significant cultural history in India.



Why You Should Consider Hiring a Professional for Your Pre Bridal Makeover?

A professional make up artist can create a perfect look for your big day. They know the latest trends and techniques to make you look stunning. They will also be more skilled at applying your makeup, giving you a flawless finish.

The bridal make up artist in India is the best choice for Indian brides who want to get the best out of their wedding day. The Indian bride has a wide variety of looks to choose from when it comes to their wedding day makeup and hairstyle, which is why it's important that they find someone who knows how to do them all!


How to Choose the Best Professional Make Up Artist For Your Wedding?



Choosing the best make up artist for your wedding is not an easy task. There are many things you need to consider before making a decision. A professional make up artist can be defined as someone who has been trained in the art of applying cosmetics and knows how to do it well. A professional makeup artist is one who knows how to apply makeup in a way that complements your features and complexion, making you look like a better version of yourself on your big day! Here are some important questions that you should ask yourself before hiring the best make up artist for your wedding: - What is the budget? - What kind of look are you going for? - Do you want natural or dramatic? - How much time do I have? - Will they come to my house or will I go to theirs?

- What are the make up artist's qualifications?

- Who will be doing my make up?

-How much does a makeup artist cost?


The cost varies depending on the type of make-up that you want, how much time they need to apply it, and how many people they will be doing. Generally speaking, a business make-up artist can charge around 2500 to 3000 of work. A wedding makeup professional can charge anywhere from 5000-8000 for a ceremony.


Conclusion & Tips

Wedding season is just around the corner and for all the brides-to-be, it is time to get ready for the big day. The first step of this process is to get your skin tone right, and here are few tips on how to do that. The best way to find your perfect skin tone is by consulting a professional. A professional makeup artist will be able to tell you what colors suit you best by looking at your skin tone, eye color and hair color. They will also be able to help you choose a shade of foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly. Another way of finding your perfect skin tone is by using a natural light source. Take a photo of yourself with natural light and use an app like Adobe Color CC or Photoshop Express which will help you find the best shades of foundation according to your skin tone in just a few simple steps.


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