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7 Health Benefits of fenugreek seeds water

There are many herbs which are beneficial for the human body and provide a lot of health benefits and one of them is fenugreek seeds or methi seeds. Fenugreek seeds are famous natural ingredient in Ayurveda that helps in providing several health benefits and skin benefits also.  Methi seeds boost up the digestion and helps in weight loss. Consumption of overnight methi seeds can be more effective.

Health benefits

The best time to consume methi seeds water is early morning on an empty stomach. Take 1 tsp of methi seeds and soak in water at night. Do not over consume methi seeds or fenugreek seeds in a day. Here are 7 main benefits of having methi seed water

1. Improves digestion

Fenugreek seed plays the role of natural antacid, which helps in improving digestion, fenugreek seeds water is good for those peoples who suffers from digestion problems like acidity, bloating, and gas. Avoid drinking it in summer season, it is recommended for monsoon and winter seasongree

2. Lowers cholesterol

Fenugreek seeds and methi seeds are beneficial for the management of cholesterol levels. Methi seed contains flavonoids that help in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. People can drink this drink everyday who suffers from issues related to high cholesterol levels.

3. Aids weight loss

Methi seed or fenugreek seeds are beneficial for the weight loss. It boosts up the metabolism and generates body heat. For weight loss drink overnight soaked methi seed water in early morning with empty stomach. Consult with dietitian before adding it in daily routine.

4. Relieves menstrual Cramps

Methi seeds contain anti-inflammatory properties that help in relieving menstrual cramps and other menstrual related problems. Consuming methi seeds water can reduce pain during menses because it contains alkaloids. It also reduces the weakness and nausea.

5. Improves insulin sensitivity

Experts recommended the consumption of fenugreek seeds to diabetes patients because it is helpful in the managing blood sugar levels in the body. Methi seeds are useful in the secretion and sensitivity of insulin in the body. It contains hydroxyisleucine amino acid which contains anti diabetic properties in it.

6. Good for skin and hair health

Methi seed contains a compound which is diosgenin, it has antibacterial anti inflammatory properties. This makes skin healthy, glowing, and damage free. Methi seeds slow down the aging process and also moisture the skin. Soaked methi seeds are beneficial for the hairs also it improves the hair quality, over consumption of fenugreek seeds lead to skin dryness.

 7. Better milk production in new mothers

Fenugreek seeds or methi seed contain phytoestrogen which helps in the production of milk in lactating mothers. Doctors also suggest methi seeds water for improving the production of milk.  Fenugreek or methi seed water is also helpful in the gaining weight in newborn babies.


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