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7 Healthy Desserts For A Guilt Free Festival

The festivals are all about rejoicing and celebrating along with snacks and sweets. There are many festive desserts loaded with calories. Choose better food alternatives or substitutes that are available at home by replacing basic ingredients like sugar with jaggery. Sweet dishes such as gajar ka halwa and freshly baked cakes can be burden on the health they contains a lot of sugar content and saturated fats that can lead to gain weight.  According to many researches mostly peoples put on their weight in winter season. At that time it is more important to consume healthy food here are some healthy desserts for festivals that can fulfill the sweet cravings in a healthy way.

Healthy desserts for festivals

It is not typical to convert a dish full of calories into a healthier form always select healthy option or replace basic ingredients like sugar to jiggery for make dish healthier.

1. Roasted Makhana kheer

It is most popular dessert and also limits the calories in meal. Roasted makhana also useful in weight loss preparation of roasted kheer is also easy and can be prepare at home. Use honey or jaggery

For sweet taste which is healthy alternative of sugar also. Add on dry fruits or cardamom powder which improves the taste.

2. Jaggery Rasmalai

Consumption of jaggery rasmalai as a healthy dessert provides various health benefits to the body. It is a warm sweet dish that can be consumed in winters. It is very delicious and healthy dessert.  Jaggery syrup can also be stored in the refrigerator to prepare many other sugary foods.

3. Sitaphal rabri

Sitaphal or custard apple rabdi is a delicious and healthy way to consume anything sweet this type of rabdi is prepared by using de- seeded custard apple chunks. This creamy pudding will melt in the mouth for more delicious add on crushed almonds, crushed pista, cashews and pista for garnishing dry fruits add extra flavor in rabri.

4. Cinnamon cookies

Manly peoples love fresh home baked hot and crispy cookies just like cakes. Mix cinnamon powder and ginger powder both are healthy spices that have various health benefits and also keeps warm from the inside during winter festive season.

5. Dates cake

Dates and dry fruit cake is a famous sweet around the world. Mostly peoples enjoy a warm freshly baked cake for the date cake preparation add crushed dates and other dry fruits like almonds, cashews, walnuts and enjoy healthy date cake and muffins at home. Date cake is also easily available in the market.

6. Fruit custard

Fruit custard is healthy and tasty dessert. This dessert drips with the goodness of fruits along with an amazing blend of milk, it also improves taste. Fruit custard is easy to prepare at home and also add various health benefits to bowl. For healthy alternative use skimmed milk as a substitute for whole milk, jaggery for sugar.

7. Peanut laddoo

Roasted peanuts should be used to follow the correct cooking way for these laddoos. You can add other binding ingredients such as jaggery and ghee. Peanut laddoo doesnot effect weight and don’t interfere in weight loss.  Do not over consume and eat in moderate quantities.