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Beauty, Nutrition, Fitness tips for Pre Bridal

If you are going to become a bride, then get the perfect look by adopting these things during pre bridal

Because the wedding season will start in few months if you are going to be a bride: then you have to start preparing for fitness, hair, and skin care from now.  Mostly Girls start prepartions many months before of their wedding to look beautiful on their special day. This blog is specially written for the brides to be that how they can manage their diet, fitness along with beauty.

Start Preparation from 3 Months Before

Bride should do pre bridal preparations 3 months before the wedding so that in these 3 months they can focus on their skin, Hair and also on Fitness so that they can look gorgeous and beautiful on their special day.

Dietary Guidelines

It is important to focus on a healthy plate during pre bridal and add different varieties in the plate to make it more healthy and delicious. A proper diet is important along with fitness include salad, protein or green leafy vegetable, complex carbohydrates like whole grains, Ragi, Oats, Brown Bread, whole wheat pasta.

Start comsuming these 5 fruits for healthy and glowing Skin


Beetroot includes anti- inflammatory properties, vitamins and minerals which prevent from pimples or acne, it works as a detoxifying agent, which removes all the toxins from the body and make skin more brighter and glowing.


Pomegranate work on dull and dry skin it contains good amount of vitamin C it can reduce skin roughness because it contains good amount of water which keeps person hydrating.


Almonds are rich in vitamin E and omega 3 Fatty acids which helps in reducing signs of aging and provide proper nourishment to the skin, vitamin E contains antioxidant properties that is known as block free radicals in the body that plays a important role in aging process.


Tomato contains antioxidat lycopene which contains anti aging properties and naturally bright up the skin, tomato also contains vitamin-C as we all know that vitamin C is good for Immunity it also helps in stimulates collagen production which may improves elasticity of the skin.


Strawberries contain anti-inflammatory properties, helps in reducing acne or pimples and reduce the appearance of dark spots while helping to make dull skin look more fresh and radiant.

Random Diet Plan

Early Morning:  2 Glass of water with ¼ tsp triphala Powder + overnight soaked almonds, walnuts, raisins

Start your day with kesar milk / green tea and if someone drink tea than make sure that tea doesn’t contain sugar because sugar can damage the skin.

Breakfast:10:00 am    Apple shake / Papaya shake + Idli/ oats/ quinoa

Mid-Morning 11:00 am – orange juice/ coconut water/ amla juice/ kokum sharbat

Lunch _1:00pm   Salad+ Dal + seasonal vegetable+ chapatti + butter milk/ curd/ raita

Evening Tea 4:00 pm –fruits / shakes/ smoothies + 1tsp mix seeds

Dinner 8:00 pm   Kadhi + Rice/ Dal + Rice/ Daliya/ khichdi + salad

Bed Time 9:30 Pm Milk with Cardamom + dry fruit powder

For Fitness                    

If bride wants to look beautiful or attractive on their special day then it is important to keep the word fitness in their mind physical activity may helps in burn out the calories. Do warm up for 15-20 minutes approx daily, add tree pose, mountain pose, plough pose in your workout routine, meditation is also good option for relieving stress and anxiety.  Do shvasana for 10 minutes before going to bed.

For Skin and Hairs

Here are some Home remedies for healthy Skin and Hair


  • For cleansing use raw mik / orange pulp.
  • For scrub use aata choker + suji with milk
  • Massage with aloevera + honey on your face / kesar + Banana
  • Mix rose petals powder with raw milk and apply on your Face
  • Nutmeg paste with milk and apply
  • Sesame seeds + Turmeric pack


  • Prepare paste of methi + curd for Hair
  • Mix Banana + Curd + Aloevera gel and apply.


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