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Cooked Vegetables Might Not Benefit for the Heart

According to the new recent study found that cooked vegetables are not good for heart health some lifestyle factors such as physical activity, smoking, drinking, fruits, red and processed meat, and the usage of vitamin and mineral supplements were also considered. If vegetables are sautéed with an excess of oil/ ghee/ butter they can develop various health problems like heart blockage, heart stroke. Vegetables are the healthiest part of heart because they provide fiber that not only balanced weight and heart as well. Too much consumption of oil should not be healthy if the amount is in moderate amount like 1 tsp per serving. Raw vegetables are beneficial and good source of vitamins and minerals in cooked vegetables many important nutrients present in the vegetables get distorted or leaches out such as water soluble vitamins, vitamin B and vitamin C.

Raw vegetables contains good amount of fibers. When taken in raw amounts like in the form of salad they help to reduce the blood cholesterol levels and maintain healthy heart. Cooking vegetables may effect the nutritional values. It is best to incorporate more raw vegetables as well in everyday diet in the form of salads, and atleast they will play the role of fibres the daily requirements are 25-30 grams per day. Exercise is also important to maintain cardiac health and elimination of tobacco, alcohol, and stress from your life can help in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.