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Expert Advice from Nutripulse's Best dietician and nutritionist on Hydrating Superfoods in Summer Season

Expert Advice from Nutripulse's Best dietician and nutritionist on Hydrating Superfoods in Summer Season

The searing heat of summer is unbearable. This sweltering heat can leave you feeling sluggish and dehydrated. You feel like eating only a little but feel like drinking water in summer. It is essential to hydrate your body but if you incorporate super food that is hydrating in your diet then it would be a good choice to have healthy food for the summer season. Along with super food, you can add some summer hydrating drinks that are refreshing and tasty. 

Superfoods to incorporate into your diet

The Nutripulse dietitian and nutritionist summer diet plan to incorporate superfoods like high water content fruits vegetables or drinks like citrus fruit to add colour and nutrition to your diet. The Nutripulse dietitian will help you to find the best diet in the summer season. Let's discuss some tips and hydrating superfoods to add to your diet this summer season. 

  • Watermelon: When anybody talks about summer hydrating food then the first thing that comes into our mind is watermelon. It contains 92% water with a good source of vitamins A and C and a refreshing antioxidant punch. It is like a natural water bottle with super health benefits. You can enjoy it by slicing and making a fruit salad or turning it into a cool sharbat in milk.
  • Muskmelon: Muskmelon is a close cousin of watermelon. They also contain 90% of water but they have different flavors. Muskmelons are a good source of beta carotene which is known to convert into vitamin A. 
  • Mango: The king of Indian fruits mango is mouth-watering delicious and hydrating with 84% water content. They are good for immunity digestion, vitamin C and fiber. They are the perfect partner to forget your summer problems. You can have it raw as Aam Panna with raw mango.
  • Grapes: These little juicy pearls are rich in water at 81%. They are a very colourful and delightful source of natural sugar to boost the energy contained. It also contains antioxidants to combat any Sun damage. You can enjoy them fresh or frozen.
  • Papaya: Papaya is loaded with enzymes that aid digestion and is rich in vitamin C, water content and immunity. Because of weak digestion in summer, it should be included in a good summer diet.
  • Cucumber and Indian spinach: Cucumber is a cooling and refreshing vegetable with 96% of water. It makes cucumber best for snacking or adding to your salad or yoghurt dip (raita). They have diuretic effects which help to flush out toxins in summer. While Indian spinach or palak contains 93% water with vitamins and minerals like iron.
  • Coconut water: the natural energy drink is the superhero of Summer with 95% water. It has in balance of electrolyte levels ways potassium sodium and magnesium content to hydrate and refresh in the harsh heat of summer.
  • Lassi and buttermilk: these two are the traditional Indian yoghurt-based drinks that help to cool down and stay hydrated. The lassi is usually sweet with mango or sugar or salty with cumin or mint while buttermilk is separated whey by churning curd. It has 90% water and acts as a natural coolant with refreshing flavour and digestive aid of Ginger cumin and mint. It is the best summer drink for dehydration.

Tips to maximize hydration with superfoods: 

You can try various recipes and ways to eat these superfoods without getting bored with them. These are a few recipes that you can try. 

  • Use your creativity to blend fruits and vegetables into smoothies. You can blind tropical fruits and coconut water or create a green plate of salad.
  • Enjoy the soup experiment with official fire recipes like Vietnam pho or Korean kimchi jjigae to try something new and hydrating. 
  • Infuse the Slice of lemon cucumber to make refreshing drinks. 
  • You can spice on fruit salad or create different recipes to make them more tasty. 
  • The citrus fruit like lemon and orange can be added in the form of lemonade or with soda to keep yourself refreshed.
  • Use these fruits to create a frozen dessert or into an ice cube of fruits to try something new and different.
  • Serve them in small amounts for breakfast, lunch and snacks.


Summer in tropical reason can be scorcher. The rising temperature and burning sun can drain energy electrolytes and water from your body. Keeping yourself hydrated and fieldways nutrients is important. The dietitian and nutritionist of Nutripulse suggest you add locally available superfoods that are nutritious and hydrating in your diet to beat the sun and keep yourself cool refresh and energise the whole season with small yet nutritious and hydrating servings.