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Foods to Include and Exclude in PCOS/PCOD Diet



Mostly women who suffer from PCOS do not have adequate information about their condition. This causes their health condition to spiral out of control and give rise to various diseases. Diet plays important role in controlling PCOD this blog includes what to eat and what to avoid managing the condition. Women who regularly eat foods that are high in sugar, starch, saturated fats / refined and processed foods and do not get enough physical activity are at increased risk for PCOD.

Foods to Eat

1. High Fibre Vegetables

Include high fibre vegetables in diet because that are high in fibre will help to maintain blood sugar levels and also reverse insulin resistance by slowing down digestion in the body and decresed the workload of the pancreas. Sources- broccoli, mustard  greens, sweet potato, spinach, green beans, carrots etc. 

2. Whole Grains

Whole grains like whole wheat, brown rice, buckwheat, oats, muesli etc are rich in fibre and unprocessed carbs. They take longer to digest and help in controlling blood sugar levels, lowers cholestrol, helps in weight loss, reduce heart related diseases and also improve gut microbiomes.

3. Pulses

Pulses are low in glycemic food and beneficial for regulating insulin levels. You can consume split peas, green moong, yellow moong, dried beans, chana dal, soybeans and chickpeas. it is prooved by many studies that consuming pulses reduce fasting insulin, improves metabolic system, reduce cholestrol levevels and lowers the risk of getting affected by heart disease.

4. Lean Protein

In PCOD lean protein should be given in diet because protein stimulates metabolism and digestion and also plays a key role in the synthesis of hormones such as testosterone, estrogen and insulin. You can include egg whites, lean poultry such as skinless chicken, fish and full fat milk and yogurt should be in limit

5. Fruits

Fruits can helps in satisfy sweet cravings and highly nutritious and also rich in fibre, fruits contains good amount of vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants  but include only a small serving or a piece of fruit between meals because they also contains varying amount of carbohydrates that can cause blood sugar to spike. You can only include these fruits which have low glycemic index.

6. Herbs and Spices

Indian spices and herbs like fenugreek, cinnamon, turmeric, mint, tulsi, basil, ginger and cloves all helps in regulating insulin levels and also helps in fighting from various symptoms of PCOD. spices improves insulin selectivity in women and helps in boost immunity and immense healing properties and also helps in reducing irregular period symptoms acne, weight gain, fatigue, and also resolve sleep problems.

Foods to Avoid

1. Starchy Vegetables

Starchy vegetables like sweet potato, yam, peas, corn should be restrict from diet, they are rich in carbohydrates and can quickly raise a person blood sugar levels causing an imbalance in hormones.

2. Processed Fruit Juices

Fruit juices, canned juices or processes fruit should be restricted from diet because they contain high doses of added sugar. You can consume fresh fruit for more beneficial fibres and nutrients.

3. Sugary Foods

India has a variety of decadent desserts such as julab jamun, kulfi, gajar ka halwa, cakes, cookies and kheer. Desserts are high in calorie affair and are loaded with large amounts of sugar that can adversely impact PCOD in women

4. Fried foods

Fried foods are high in saturated and hydrogenated fats which increase estrogen production and not recommended in PCOD diet fried items like samosa, French fries, pakoras etc.

5. Refined and Processed foods

Refined and processed foods like white bread, white rice, oatmeal instant,  white pasta, rice cakes etc are restricted from diet.

6. Alcohol and Caffeine

Alcoholic and caffeine can be problematic for women with PCOS and Alcohol increases the risk of liver disease.


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