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Got skin problems after rains? Here’s a list of fruits that enhance your skin health- Money Control



  • Monsoon skincare: Fruits, your seasonal allies against humidity, offer vitamins, antioxidants, and immune-boosting powers. Reap the health benefits of fruits like oranges, berries, papaya, watermelon, pineapple, mango, and banana, to keep your skin healthy. 
  • Health benefits of fruits: Eating fruits provides your skin with essential nutrients and antioxidants, contributing to clear and radiant skin, say experts
  • Monsoons bring joy to many, but the rains also disrupt the skincare routines of others. If you're facing challenges with skin and hair issues due to high humidity, excessive moisture, fungal and bacterial growth, and compromised sebum production, remember that fruits can come to your rescue.
  • Boosting your fruit intake during the monsoon has its own benefits. The nutrient-rich fruits are brimming with vitamins and antioxidants. As humidity fills the air, these juicy treasures become your shield, combating its effects with every fruity bite. Moreover, they strengthen your immune system and help to defend against seasonal vulnerabilities. Experts believe that beneath the vibrant skins of these fruits lies the key to healthy skin. Says Dr Anjali Phatak, Director of Nutripulse and a senior clinical Nutritionist based in Jaipur, "Eating fruits provides your skin with essential nutrients and antioxidants, contributing to clear and radiant skin. The water content in these fruits quenches your inner thirst, while also facilitating smoother digestion, improved hydration, and an enhanced overall sense of well-being."
  • Here are some fruits you must include in your diet during the monsoon season. These fruits will help bolster your body's immunity against illnesses, all the while enhancing your skin’s natural radiance.
  • Citrus fruits:Who doesn’t love oranges, lemons and grapefruits. These fruits not only lend that desired tangy taste but are also rich in vitamin C, a potent antioxidant. Vitamin C supports the immune system by promoting white blood cell production and  also aids in collagen synthesis, crucial for maintaining healthy skin.
  • Berries:Loaded with anthocyanins and flavonoids, berries like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries are antioxidants that neutralise free radicals. They also reduce oxidative stress and inflammation and can lead to improved skin appearance and better health.
  • Papaya:A tropical fruit rich in papain enzyme and vitamin A, papaya improves digestion as well as skin health. While papain aids in protein digestion and helps unclog pores, potentially preventing acne, the vitamin A content promotes skin cell turnover and repair.
  • Watermelon:Here's a fruit that boasts a refreshingly sweet and juicy taste. Watermelon is high in water content, which helps provide hydration. Additionally, it contains lycopene, a carotenoid pigment that helps protect skin from UV-induced damage, potentially reducing the risk of sunburn.
  • Pineapple:Pineapple is renowned for its vibrant sweetness and subtle tanginess. Its unique flavour is enhanced by bromelain, an enzyme that aids in protein digestion, offers anti-inflammatory advantages, and can even contribute to preventing digestive problems that might impact skin health.
  • Mango:Mango is celebrated for its remarkable combination of sweetness, tanginess, and tartness. Bursting with abundant vitamins A and C, this tropical fruit not only improves immune function but also aids in the repair of skin tissues. Notably, vitamin A plays a vital role in promoting skin cell production and ensuring their maintenance, thus contributing to a healthy complexion.
  • Banana:Among the most common fruits, bananas stand out for their subtle and slightly sweet taste. Their texture is soft and smooth, ensuring effortless chewing and digestion. Plus, they can be consumed by themselves or as added ingredients in a variety of dishes. Speaking about their health benefits, they are rich in vitamin B6, essential for immune system modulation, and vitamin C, an antioxidant that combats oxidative stress. Additionally, the presence of biotin promotes healthy skin function.



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