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Health Benefits of Kheer

Kheer is Indian traditional dessert which is loved by mostly peoples. Here are some health benefits and nutritional value and healthy ways to consume.

Kheer is Indian sweet dish and loved by everyone in India. It is cooling food for the stomach and prepared from rice. This sweet dish is prepared in many homes on festivals. As compared to other Indian desserts it contains fewer calories. Kheer is also known as payasam, it is loaded with important nutrients. It should not be overconsumed because it may lead to weightgain, high cholesterol levels and other health risks.

Health benefits

Here are some health benefits, nutritional facts and healthy ways to consume rice pudding or Kheer.

1. Improves gut health

Rice present in kheer contains good amount of starch which helps in improving gut health and also reduces inflammation too. Rice kheer is rich in carbohydrates that help in bringing back the glycogen which is used up while doing heavy exercises.

2. Cooling Effect

Rice kheer provides a cooling effect not only on stomach, also the full human body. This is useful in the summers because in summers body drains too much energy to control the metabolism and manage the overheat nature of the body, a small bowl of cold kheer can prove to be harmless in such situations.

3. Goodness of Rice

The Major ingredient in rice kheer is the Milk. Milk contains amino acids that are needed to maintain and perform various body functions. Kheer can be consumed by diabetics also but after the consultation of doctors or dieticians.

Nutritional values of Kheer

Kheer contains a good amount of vitamin C and A.  it is also a good source of calcium and low in cholesterol, here are the nutritional facts of one bowl of rice Kheer:

 Rice Kheer (one serving)

  • Calories      235
  • Carbohydrates 122
  • Protein 24
  • Fat 73

Recipe of Rice Kheer 

Rice Kheer is delicious sweet dish, which can be prepared at home easily. It is simple and add on few ingredients to gradeup the taste of kheer.


  • Whole Milk
  • Sugar
  • White Rice


  • Wash and soak the rice and let it stay for around 20 minutes
  • Add ¼ cup of water to a pot
  • Then, add milk and bring it to boil on medium flame
  • Once it is hot, add the rice
  • Keep stiring on low to medium flame to prevent burning
  • Cook until the rice is soft
  • Add sugar as per the taste
  • Cook on low flame until it gets thinker
  • Add dry fruits + 1 tsp cinnamon powder also.

Healthy ways to Consume Kheer

There are various ways to make kheer healthier

1: Use Jaggery

Jaggery is used as a sugar alternative to make food healthier there are various side effects of having much sugary items so it is good or healthy way to replace sugar with jaggery this will keeps sugar levels in control and also prevents from gaining weight.

2. Use Brown Rice

Replace white rice from brown rice it will be the better option to add on them in kheer brown rice are more nutrient rich and gluten free also, they might be not so good in taste but by adding favorite fruits it taste delicious.

3 Add fruits, herbs, and dry fruits

Fruits like Mango, pomegranate, and grapes, dry fruits like cashews, almonds etc, and herbs like cinnamon plays a vital role also good for the health and improves the taste. It provides a good flavours and make it rich with goodness of these toppings. These ingredients will enhance the taste and provide health benefits also.