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Health Benefits of Makar Sankranti foods

Here are some health benefits of traditional foods which are consume in festive season especially in Makar sankranti and lohri festival.

Health Benefits

1)Til Laddu

Til laddus are one of the traditional sweets made up of jiggery, sesame, ghee and cardamom powder. Til laddus contains good amount of fibre and also rich source of calcium and various nutrients that are good for the body and also provide warmth to the body. Til laddus helps in balancing the digestive issues, boost metabolism, also keeps heart healthy because it maintains cholesterol levels, manage and control the effect of diabetes, reduce inflammation, im prove bone health, reduce hypertension, til laddus are also beneficial for hair and skin.

2) Peanut chikki

Peanut chikki contains iron, magnesium, selenium which helps in improving fertility problems, manage cholesterol levels, control heart health, treat skin ailments, and fight from against nervous disease, helps in growth and development

3) Carrot Halwa

Carrot halwa has various health benefits, Rich in vitamin A, K, calcium and phosphorus, improve vision, maintain immunity, and keeps you warm, good for skin and Bones

4) Gond Laddu

Gond laddu contains good amount of fiber and highly nutritious, it helps in boosting stamina and health, keep away from falling sick, treat vitamin D deficiency, lubricate the joints, and reduce back pain & joint pain

5) Revdi

Revdi is good for hair growth, boost skin health, improve digestion, stablize blood pressure, good source of energy, and boost bone health

6) Pheni

Prevents from acidity and heart burn, contains essential vitamins, strengthen immune system

7) Til Gajak

Sesame seeds present in gajak are rich in sesamolin, which helps to control blood pressure, good for skin, boost Bone health, good for Hair growth, improves digestion

8) Til Patti

Fight from iron deficiency, anti- aging properties; boost dental health, good source of energy

9) Churma

Churma ladu is a healthy option for people who need high-calorie diets such as physically active individuals, athletes, growing kids, pregnant women, or new mothers.


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