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Health Benefits of mint

Mint is a famous herb and because due to its medical properties used as a mouth freshener, teas, balms, oils, or shaving gels. It contains menthol which is cooling agent. These mint leaves can be added in various foods and provide various nutrients it contains good amount of antioxidants. Here are some health benefits of mint leaves.

Mint contains good amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, iron, manganese, potassium. These leaves are very nutritious and don’t have any side effects

Health benefits of mint


  1. Relieves cold

Mint can relieves in cold because it contains menthol which is helpful in treating the cold and congestion.  Menthol acts as a natural and effective nasal decongestant.

  1. May reduce stress.

Mint plays a vital role of a natural stimulant and the aroma can helps in the reduction of stress and uplifting the mood. Many researches prove that mint is effective in treating anxiety and depression.

  1. Treats gastrointestinal problems

Mint is also helpful in treating an upset stomach or other gastrointestinal problems peppermint oil is effective for a number of gastrointestinal conditions such as indigestion, IBS, stomach ache and feeling sickness and nausea.

  1. May improve brain function

Consumption of leaves and inhalation of mint essential oil provides various health benefits and can enhance the function of brain many researchers prove that inhaling peppermint aroma oil for 5 min before testing can improve the memory.

  1. May help in breastfeeding

Lactating mothers mostly suffers from the sore and cracked nipples, which may make the whole process painful mint can cure the symptoms of morning sickness.

  1. Reduce bad breath

Drinking peppermint tea and chewing leaves of mint helps in getting rid bad breath, and killing the bacteria which causes it. And killing the bacteria which cause it mint chewing gums are also people choice to remove bad breath.