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Is Diet Soda Harmful For Our Health? Here are 5 Main Risks

Is Diet Soda Harmful For Our Health? Here are 5 Main Risks

Many people opt for diet soda and other diet beverages and ditch various aerated drinks. Aim to switch this is to enjoy sweet and bubbly drink without intake of hundreds of calories. Many researchers  found that a connection between consuming too much diet soda and having serious medical conditions like diabetes, fatty liver disease, heart diseases and strokes. Diet soda may reduce sugar intake but can create risk that can be harmful for the person.

Risk of Diet soda

Diet soda is prepare by the using of artificial sweeteners, like aspartame, saccharin instead of sugar, to get sweet taste. Drinking a lot of diet soda may cause various side effects and can leave both long and short term health effects.

1.Slows down Metabolism

When person take a sip of any diet soda, body begins to producing hormones to start the processing of sugar. Diet soda also leads to gain weight by slowing down the metabolism. Poor metabolism is not able to maintain optimum body weight.

2. Affects Gut Health

Gut Microbes plays a important role in many parts of overall health like immune function, absorption of nutrient, cardiovascular health, researchers suggest that the artificial sweeteners found in diet soda are not healthy for gut health. Aspartame is the common nonnutritive sweeteners present in diet soda, is directly linked to harmful effects on the human microbiome.

3. Cause Weight Gain

All type of carbonated beverages lead to gain weight, sodas cause bloating and run a well balanced diet, so it is best to cut off diet sodas on time. Consumption of a lot of diet soda in a day cause severe headache, compound such as caffeine and phosphoric acid can cause bone loss as well.  So make sure to consume this drink in moderate quantities. Consult with dietician or doctor about the intake of carbonated beverages.

4. Increase risk of cardiovascular Disease

Diet soda associated with higher risk of metabolic syndrome, and can put person at a greater risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and strokes. Consumption of too much soda can affect heart health.

5. Tooth Erosion

Diet soda may not contain lots of sugar but they can cause the same tooth erosion as other sugary drinks. Both diet soda and regular soda can weaken and damage the tooth enamel, which leads to tooth sensitivity, chalky look, holes in the teeth etc. Because diet soda are highly acidic and can change the look and health of the teeth if person consume it in extreme ratio


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