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Nutraceuticals: Benefits And Side Effects

Nutraceutical means pharmaceutical nourishment for the body. Nutraceuticals are additional nutrition for the body apart from the food we eat. A healthy nourished body is strong itself to fight against various diseases. Here are some health benefits and side effects of Neutraceuticals.

Health benefits of nutraceuticals

Now a day’s peoples are aware that they have evidently degraded or lifestyle and eating habits, and some peoples consume fried food or fast food that contains too much calories. It is necessary for few individuals as these supplements help them to fulfill their nutritional requirements. They provide strength to immune system.

1. Boosts energy

There are various health benefits of neutraceuticals which helps to boost up energy levels like all vitamins mainly from vitamin B group. Vegans and vegetarians should try to increase their B12 intake because they mainly found in milkband meat which is not a part of diet.

2. Improves sleeping pattern

Neutraceuticals improves sleeping patterns natural Valera roots and some minerals like magnesium may helps in sound sleep. It also helps us to improve sleep patterns.

3. Prevent chronic diseases

Nutraceuticals helps to deal with fatal diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure etc. fibre supplements helps to keep your arteries free of any from the submission. Diabetes can also be controlled with healthy weight and proper nutrition intake.

4. Relieves anxiety

Some vitamins plays a role to suppress anxiety like vitamin D establishing mood, vitamin B is associated with increased risk of anxiety and depression. Vitamin B2 is important vitamin which founds in meat and vegetarian can take supplements for it.

5.Improves overall health

Nutraceuticals help us to improve overall health balanced diet adds nutritional value to our body and helps in improving both physical and mental health.

Side effects of Nutraceuticals

Some supplements contain certain ingredients that can have a major impact on our body. Excessive intake of anything can be harmful for the vitamins same in the case of multivitamins. There are many fortified products available contains vitamins and minerals, combining non prescribes nutraceuticals in diet along with fortified products in diet along with fortified products or already ongoing medications can sometimes cause problems.

1. Elevated blood pressure

Certain minerals tend to increase blood pressure which is harmful. A large proportion of the general population takes dietary supplements. Medical practitioner should be aware of that therefore they should take the information from the patients regarding their intake of supplements.

2. Dizziness

Consumption of vitamin A can also cause dizziness and birth problems also. It is important to consume right meal and take nutraceuticals on prescribed quantity to avoid this side effect.

3. Headache

Excessive amount of vitamin a cause headache problem a single big dose cause nausea also. It can range from mild to severe. Consume the amount as per recommendation of doctors.

4. Digestive Problems

Consumption of supplements in high amount cause various health issues or digestive problems like loose motion, vomiting, and constipation.


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