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what is yogic Diet and its Health benefits ?

Yogic diet is a type of diet that should be followed if someone wants to enter in the world of meditation, calm, yoga. Yogic diet focuses on the spirituality of the body and consists of foods with sattvic qualities which increase energy and create balance in the mind and body, yogic diet basically includes fruits, vegetables, wholegrains like oats, legumes, plant based oils, herbal teas.  This diet is based on three principles that are:

  1. Ahimsa :- includes vegetarian food products
  2. Sattva :- A diet that is abundant in sattvic foods will promote a calm heart and clear mind.
  3. Saucha :- The name “Saucha” represents purity and cleanliness to remove or reduce impurities from the body.

Tips to know before yoga practice

  • Avoid eating large meals right before the yoga practice, because digestive process may interfere with increased blood circulation during yoga.
  • Hunger can results in mood swings and low blood sugar. That is not good for focus during practice
  • Selection of the right foods is good option before yoga practice.
  • Eating at adequate time provides your body for optimum performance so timing is also important.

Health benefits of yogic diet

1. Improves mood and increase energy

Yogic diet focuses on the spirituality of the body including toga in daily routine along with this healthy diet can have very significant improvement in mental state of person. It makes person calmer and stress free. It also has positive impacts on both physical and spiritual energy.

 2. Aids Weight Loss

Yogic diet include fresh fruits, vegetables and grains, it leads to a healthy diet pattern and helpful in the controlling for longer as this food stays in the body for a while and all the food items included are nutrient dense this results in weight loss.

3. Boosts  metabolism

This diet include lots of raw food body spends more calories in digestion of food, healthy food items can helps in improving metabolism

4. Removal of Toxins

Body removes toxins on a daily basis in the form of urine, sweat and faeces. It brings a lot of improvement in the body. Fruits like lemon and berries are helpful in the detoxification.

5. Improves Digestion

Fruits and wholegrains are rich in fiber this yogic diet improves gut health. Green leafy vegetables, fruits and grains increase the bulk in the stools, it helps in the improvement of bowel movements hence yogic diet is helpful in the improving digestion.


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