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9 Reasons Why Having Dry Fruits Daily Is Beneficial For Health

Dry fruits are extremely beneficial for your health. Here are the reasons why you should eat a handful daily.

 As we all know that dried fruits are beneficial and good for the overall health.  They also enhance the flavour or taste of gravies or dishes. Dry fruits are good for the pregnant women and all the age groups it contains various nutrients which are beneficial for wellbeing.


Health Benefits of Eating Dry Fruits Daily


Weight Management

Dry fruits are good or beneficial for the management of weight. They contains high amount of fibre and fats as well which helps in weight management or provides enough nutrients.  Dry fruits are rich in protein which may keep satiated for a long time period. Due to its sugar content it may supress sugar craving also.


Improves Concentration

Dry fruits contain zinc and omega 3 fatty acids due to zinc content increase the concentration power, or omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial or good for the brain cells. Dates and apricots are known as to improve memory and focus.


Eye Health

Dry fruits are very beneficial for eye health also, dried apricots contains a very good amount of Vitamin A which are good for eyes and all plays important role in eye protection.  Deficiency of vitamin A cause various diseases like nigh blindness.


Helps in improving haemoglobin levels

Dry fruits are also beneficial in improving haemoglobin. Due to high content of iron and sugar it is also good for the boost up the levels of Hb. Include all the dry fruits in diet like cashews, almonds, pistachios, dates etc. they all are also considered as a healthy snacks.


Laxative effect

Dry fruits contains high amount of fiber.  A proper intake of fiber aids with bowel movement. It also cleans the digestive tract. Particularly raisins, figs, or prunes have a good laxative effect. Due to its high amount of fiber it may overcome the problem of constipation it is also good for pregnant women who always suffer from constipation a handful dry fruits may relieve from constipation.


Boosts Immune system

Dry fruits provide a proper nutrition to the body all the dry fruits like cashews, almond, walnut, dates contains some healthy nutrients which are beneficial for the immunity. They contain a very good amount of zinc which is beneficial and helps to fight from diseases. Dry fruits are not only good for immunity they also protect from various diseases like stroke, diabetes or high blood pressure.


Improves Heart Health

Dry fruits contain insoluble fiber, which are known as prevention from coronary artery diseases. Dry fruits contain good amount of omega 3 fatty acids which are beneficial for the heart health.


Promotes Healthy Skin

Dry fruits provide excellent substance to the body. Dry fruit such as raisins include polyphenol which is good antioxidant and aids skin resistance to environmental harm. It protects skin from the damaging impacts of free radicals. Dry fruits like dates and plum prunes are known to cleanse the intestine. Due to the content of vitamin E in almonds are beneficial for the skin. This is beneficial for the reduction of pigmentation and moisturizes the skin.


Good for Bone Health

Dry fruits contain various nutrients in good amount which are beneficial or good for bone health. Dry fruits like cashews, plums are high in calcium content which is good for bones. They also contain a good amount of protein and micronutrients which are beneficial in osteoporosis. For fracture healing and to make bone less prone to damage consume almonds in a good mount it is very good option to consuming them at that time.

Moderate consumption of dry fruits are good for health, they are useful in different ways but it is necessary to consume in a moderate manner.


We've all heard our moms and older relatives in your family talk about how dried fruits are good for our general health and how they may dramatically improve the flavour and richness of basic gravies. Many experts advise pregnant women to eat dry fruits for their wellbeing. Dry fruits, on the other hand, are helpful to people of all ages since they include necessary vitamins and minerals. 


Health benefits of eating dry fruits daily


1. Improves bone health

Dry fruits include a variety of nutrients that promote bone health. Dry fruits such as plums and cashews are high in calcium, which aids with bone density. They also include protein and a variety of micronutrients such as phosphorus and boron, which can be quite beneficial for osteoporosis. Almonds and pistachios can also aid with fracture healing and make bones less prone to damage.


2. Improves heart health

Dry fruits also have a high concentration of insoluble fibre, which aids in the prevention of coronary artery disease. Certain dry fruits, such as walnuts, are high in Omega-3, which is beneficial to heart health. Other dry fruits, such as pistachio, can also help decrease harmful cholesterol levels. Minerals such as magnesium and potassium also aid in blood pressure regulation, which protects the heart from numerous health dangers such as strokes in the long term.


3. Laxative effect

Fiber is abundant in dry fruits. Fiber acts as roughage in the body and helps with faeces. A sufficient amount of fibre in our diet aids with bowel movement. It also aids in the cleaning of your digestive tract. Dried fruits, particularly raisins, figs, and prunes, have a slight laxative effect. To relieve constipation, combine a handful of these with warm milk before supper. It is an excellent cure for pregnant women who frequently have constipation in the later stages of their pregnancy.


4. Weight management

Dry fruits contain a high concentration of nutrients in a small amount of food. They are high in fibre and healthy fats, which aid in the maintenance of general health and nutritional requirements. They include proteins that are full and assist to keep you satiated for a long time. Aside from that, dried fruits include natural sugars that might help you overcome sweet cravings. You should avoid consuming an excessive amount of candied fruits in your diet.


5. Boosts immune system

Dry fruits like dates, walnut and almonds provide your body with essential nutrients which in turn strengthens your immune system. Cashews, pine nuts and peanuts are very good supplement of zinc, which helps us fight against diseases. Dry apricot, plum, black raisins are also very good for overall immunity. Dry fruits not only help in immunity against infectious diseases but it can also prevent other diseases like stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes.


6. Helps in improving haemoglobin levels

Haemoglobin is a highly important protein in our bodies. It carries oxygen to numerous regions of the body. Dry fruits are high in iron and sugar, which might help you boost your haemoglobin levels. Pistachios, cashews, and almonds have all been shown to be healthy. Peanuts and dates can also be included in your diet. It may be a wonderful snack, especially for individuals suffering from anaemia or recovering from surgery.


7. Promotes healthy skin

Dry fruits give excellent sustenance to the body, which is reflected on the skin. Raisins include polyphenol, which is a great antioxidant that aids your skin's resistance to environmental harm. Furthermore, it protects your skin from the damaging impacts of free radicals. Dry fruits such as plum prunes and dates assist to cleanse the intestines, allowing the skin to glow from inside. Almonds are beneficial to the skin because they contain Vitamin E, which aids in the reduction of pigmentation and maintains the skin supple and moisturised.


8. Eye health

Dry fruits are very good for our eyes. They can save you from that extra strain on your eyes because of long hours on the computer. Dried apricots contain ample amount of Vitamin A which protects our eyes from environmental damage as well as from various diseases like night blindness.


9. Improves concentration

Dry fruits contain a high concentration of zinc, which the body need for normal neuron connection. Dry fruits high in omega-3 fatty acids are extremely beneficial to brain cells. Apricots and dates are also said to be helpful memory enhancers because they include minerals that improve cell health, which adds to greater memory and focus. A combination of dry fruits is extremely good to children and pregnant women.

Dry fruits are useful in a variety of ways, but they must be consumed in moderation. A handful of mixed dry fruits is a sufficient serving size for you. You are consuming calories, thus eating excessively may not help you lose weight. You may experiment with incorporating them in various ways.


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