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Nutrition For Diabetes: Here's How You Can Manage Blood Sugar Levels With Diet

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder which occur when glucose or sugar level is increased, in diabetes pancreas doesn’t make or less able to produce insulin which increase resistance in the cells. In some cases, Diabetes can lead to failures of the vital organs, if glucose level is increases in the blood then it may occur or have a worsen effect on the person’s body.

Diabetic person may suffer from Blindness, Heart attacks, kidney failure or frequent urination.

Management of Blood Glucose level from Diet

Dietary Guidelines to manage blood glucose levels diet and physical activity both interrelate with each other and necessary for lifestyle modification.

Diabetic patients should have to follow some tips:

  • Include all the food groups in diet
  • Eat frequent meals in a smaller portion
  • Include high fibrous foods in diet
  • Avoid sugar, alcohol intake
  • Limit processed food items

Food and Beverages should involve in Diet

1. Multigrain:-

Multigrain, whole grains are the best options for the diabetic person. Include barely, oats, Millets, due to which person doesn’t feel hungry and also provide satiety to them because it contains high amount of fibre.

2. Plant Based Protein

Diabetic patient should involve plant based protein in their diet because plant based protein contains less fat rather than meats. Eggs are great choice for diabetic person but must limit the yolk part. Patient can be satisfied from intake of proteins because it can satisfy their hunger for long time and also helps in weight management. Sources of plant based proteins are: Tofu, Lentils, Chickpeas, peanuts, almonds, seeds

Plant based protein contains good amount of fibre which are good or helpful in the regulation of blood sugar level and cholesterol in the body that’s why plant based protein should be involve in the diet.

3. Dairy and Fermented Food:-

Dairy products are the source of protein and calcium. Also contain less amount of sugar; due to good amount of water they are helpful to replenish fluids in the body.

Sources: Milk, yogurt, cheese, buttermilk etc.

Fermented Foods boost and contribute to develop bacteria; due to its probiotic nature fermented foods are beneficial for the gut health, it improves digestion build up immunity.

4. Non Visible Fats:-

Non Visible fats are also known as invisible fat. These fats are rich in omega 3 Fatty acids and MUFA. Non- visible fats are present in milk, egg, spices, almonds, etc.

5. Low Glycemic Food:-

Diabetic patient must include low glycemic foods in their diet because the amount of sugar in such foods is less. Sources: citrus fruits, green vegetables, beans in herbs and spices include turmeric, methi, basil, garlic, cinnamon these are helpful to control the sugar levels.

Aloe vera juice is also beneficial in diabetes it can help them to achieve better sugar levels.

Nuts and Seeds are effective in the reduction or regulation of insulin in the body.

Healthy Diet Plan for Diabetes

  • EARLY MORNING 1 glass luke warmwater with 1 tsp overnight soaked Methi seeds.
  • BREAK FAST - Oats chila/ Muesli/ veg oats/ Sprouts sald/ Bean salad + 1 glass milk without sugar/ curd.
  • MID MORNING- 1 glass Aloe Vera juice/ coconut water/ Butter milk + 1 tsp mix seeds + fruit apple/papaya.
  • LUNCH- 1 Bowl Dal/ Kidney beans + 1 bowl seasonal vegetable + Multigrain chapatti + buttermilk/ curd/ raita + salad.
  • SNACKS- 1 cup Herbal Tea/ Milk without sugar + Handful Nuts and Seeds/ Baked chiwda + mosambi/orange/kiwi.
  • DINNER- 1 Bowl Mix Dal/ Bitter gourd/ green leafy vegetable + Multigrain chapatti/ poha or pulav with mint or corriender chutney.
  • BED TIME-Milk with pinch of Cinnamon powder.

Detox water:- cinnamon water / lemon cucumber detox water

Foods to be AvoidIn Diabetes

1. Bakery and Confectionary:

Bakery items such as cakes, biscuits, pastries should be avoid by diabetic patients because consuming bakery items may cause High blood pressure and reduce the function of brain, which may lead to mental health issues in Diabetes.

2. Sugary Drinks:

Sugary drinks can also rise up the blood sugar level quickly, and also have a worsen effect on the body. If someone is suffering from diabetes, it is important to avoid drinks that contain too much sugar. Sources: soda,fruit flavoured, coffee and tea.

3. Fried Foods:

Fried food items must be avoid from the diet because it contains high amount of carbohydrates and fat which may lead to gain weight, and can also increases the risk of heart or cardiovascular diseases.